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Abutilon 'Bella Coral' is an amazingly useful dwarf cultivar as shown here in one of several planters at the entrance to the Atlanta Botanical Garden (July 2003).

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Abutilon 'Bella Salmon' like it's sister to the left is compact, highly floriferous, and of rich coloration. The outfacing, very open, elegantly veined flowers are a wonderful improvement on the genus for bedding purposes.

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'Bella Coral' - dwarf, floriferous, 2 in. open flowers of vermillion-red. See photo above.

'Cannington Carol' light red, yellow variegated leaf, RHS AGM.

'Cannington Peter' compact, yellow mottled leaf, crimson red, RHS AGM.

'Crimson Belle' - bright red

'Dwarf Red' - orange-red, dense dwarf plant, dark green leaf. This name is probably used for many stock and is not a good name for a disinct clone.

'Fireball' orange-red, wide-flaring, to 4 in. wide, compact plant

'Gold Dust' - scarlet, leaf mottled yellow

'Joy Bells' yellow and red, compact habit, megapotanicum selection.

'Marianne' - red with yellow stamens, good in baskets, from Reiter

'Mauna Loa' dense, upright, dark leaf, large bright red flowers.

'Nabob' - 8-10 ft., stiff, vigorous, dark maroon red fls, 3 in. bell-type flower, larger dark green leaves. very large blooms, blackish stems, RHS AGM. Also spelled 'Nobob'

'Paisley' - red and yellow lanterns, spreading or drooping branches, yellow mottled leaf

'Red Bells' bright red, open balloon-shaped flower, green leaf.

'Red Princess' scarlet flowers, large laminate leaves.

'Rotterdam Red' cherry red flowers, dark green leaf, bell-shaped flower.

'Strybing Red' - compact, small bright red fls, dark olive green leaves, very floriferous

'Sunset' upright, small green leaf, red and yellow nodding bells.

'Super Red' ('Moned') - lobed maple-shaped leaf, fiery bell campanulate flower, 8-12 ft. tall and wide, vigorous, mounded with age with arching stems. Monrovia grows as espalier or patio plant.

'Vesuvius' - scarlet red, veined darked, orangish inside, very dark red calyx, megapolitanicum type hybrid

'Voodoo' - dark scarlet red, glossy finish, very large flower, very floriferous, Dixon hybrid

'Wakehurst' crinked red and yellow flower, megapotanicum type flower, small green leaf, RHS AGM.

'Boule de Neige' ('Snowball') - show white, dark leaf contrasts well

'Silver Belle' pure white, larger than older whites, dark green leaf, compact plant

'Snowball' = 'Boule de Neige'

'Snow Belle' - pure white, yellow stamens show up nicely. Distinctions between this and 'Silver Belle' are unclear.

'Snowfall' - pure white, smallish blooms, compact habit

Copyright 2001. New Ornamentals Society. All Rights Reserved.
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'Apricot' - flared, slight orange fls., red-orange sepals, redder in cool weather

'Apricot Belle' - salmon-orange, veined darker. Leaves quite pubescent. Perhaps the same as some stock sold as 'Apricot'

'Apricot Glow' - rose-orange

'Bartley Schwartz' - yellowish-orange, very floriferous. Named for the famous breeder and collector of these plants.

'Bella Salmon' - dwarf, floriferous, 2 inch open and outfacing flowers in salmon-orange with redder venation. See photo above.

'Clementine' - crimson-orange, well-flared, compact plant. Intermediate between the red and orange clines.

'Clementine Variegated' - as 'Clementine' but a variegated leaf.

'Halo' low, compact, broadly flared petals, light apricot color, blooms to 2 in. wide, very floriferous.

'Hardy Orange' - orange, more cold hardy. The name usually applies to a open, largish shrub

'Hinton' ('Hinton Seedling') - clear orange, soft green leaf

'Kentish Belle' apricot orange, red calyx, spreading and trails, RHS AGM.

'L'Orangerie' - salmon-orange, wide-flaring, veined orange-red, compact plant, a Dixon hybrid

'Linda Vista Peach' apricot tinged red, campanulate flower, RHS AGM

'Marion' orange flowers above foliage, lax habit, RHS AGM. There is also a cultivar 'Marianne' which is an improved megapotanicum type.

'Marion Stewart' 80 in. tall, 1.5 in. orange flowers with red veins, green stems, maple-like leaf. Cold hardy in USDA 7b - used in North Carolina and Long Island where other cultivars do not last.

'Orange Drop' - large, vigorous, strongly erect, large dark leaves, deep orange with red veins.

'Patrick Synge' rusty orange tinged maroon, slender form, metapotanicum type flower, more cold hardy than some.

'Peach' - peach to orange, becoming redder in cool weather, paler sepals.

'Savitzii' upright, dense, slowish, sparse brownish orange to salmon-orange flowers with purple veining. Mainly valued for irregularly mottled leaves in cream, white, and green. Reaches 10 ft. tall in California.

'Sounvenir de Bonn' brightly marked orange bells, showy leaf with white wide edges., maple-like leaf, one of the best marginate cultivars

'Tangelo' - dark orange, very large flower, small leaf, compact plant

'Tangerine' some= 'Tangerine Belle'

'Tangerine Belle' - orange, red to pinkish veins, wide-flaring

'Thomas Hobbs' (9/02) - bright orange corolla, calyx greenish, 5 ft. tall, named for the originator. Source:

'Thompsonii' vigorous, orange flowers, leaves brightly mottled yellow. A long time favorite for a century or so.

'Variegatum' - light salmon-orange, leaves light green with cream markings

'Victor Reiter' tangerine orange petals, yellow-green calyx, open hibiscus-like flowers. Named for the famous San Francisco plantsman. Buds look like miniature yellowish pumpkins. 8 ft. tall.

'Watercolor Orange' - salmon-orange, large diameter, darker veins, spreading habit, good in baskets, Reiter hybrid

'Helen' soft pink, upright subshrub, 60cm x 30cm.

'Huntington Pink' - light pink, veined darker

'Louise Marginal' vigorous, large green leaf, light satin pink flower

'Mobile Pink' 4', spreading, light salmon pink, redder sepals, flared, drooping flowers. Greyish leaf.

'New One' (9/02) - orangish-pink corolla, darker veins, calyx orange-red. Thomas Hobbs selection. Source:

'Old Rose Belle' - rose-pink, bell-shaped

'Pink Belle' - briht pink, veined darker.

'Pink Blush' - light pink, mounded habit, Land Craft Nursery NY USA

'Pink Charm' - bright pink, trailing habit, small dark green leaf

'Pink Parasol' - upright to spreading, plum rose tinged mauve, flaring petals, can be slow, eventually to 4 ft.

'Pink Petticoats' slender stems, smallish leaves, numerous light pink campanulate blooms.

'Pink Storm' (9/02) - dark dusky pink. (online catalog 2002)

'Raspberry' - salmon pink, red veins, bell-shaped, compact plant, a Dixon hybrid

'Raspberry Parfait' - dense, spreading, reddish pink, fruity scent, dark cordiform leaves

'Rosalie' - dense, globose, light pink, wide petals, large soft tomentose leaves

'Satin Pink Belle' upright, dark stems, bright green leaves, large bright pink flower, nice ruffled. May be the same as 'Pink Belle'

'Seashell' - light flesh pink, dusky red calyx, low, often dense, small dark leaf, nodding campanulate flower.

'Smokey Pink' smoky pink of course.

'Apollo' - 7-8 ft., upright, stiff, blackish young stems, dark glossy soft leaf, 2 in. wide bright yellow flowers, green calyx, usually compact.

'Canary Bird' light yellow, open corolla, bright green leaf, flowering above foliage, RHS AGM.

'Freida' - 20 ft. yellow with orange veins. dark, deeply cut maple-shaped leaf. Showy dark red stems

'Golden Fleece' dark yellow than 'Canary Bird', purplish stem.

'La Vie En Rose' creamy yellow, pendant flowers, red veins, low habit, good in baskets

'Lightning' (9/02) - yellow. (online catalog 2002)

'Little Imp' - bright yellow petals, dark red calyx, nodding bell-shaped flowers, small leaves, a megapotanicum hybrid.

'Lutea' some Australian plants = 'Lightning'

'Moon Glow' - bright lemon yellow, pendant flowers, dark green leaf, compact plant

'Moonbeam' tall, open branching, upright, light lemon yellow, pale green leaves, flowers to 4 in.

'Moonchimes' semi-trailing, compact, everyblooming, light yellow. Popular for baskets and planters.

'Red Monarch' - golden yellow, orange veins, drooping flowers, named for the bright red calyx

'Victory' compact, small deep yellow flowers of the megapotanicum type.

'Yellow Belle' - bright yellow


Bella Group - compact hybrids, hybrids by Claude Hope, Costa Rica. Not related to the Belle type hybrids - thus an unfortunate choice of names. 'Bella Coral' and 'Bella Salmon' are two useful examples.

'Benary's Giant' - dwarf, mixed colors from seed.

'Summer Sherbet' - seed strainin the full color range, blooms large at 3-4 in. long