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Acacia acinacea 'Ruby Tips'

ha: arching, shrubby
lc: bright red new growth

Acacia amblygona 'Winter Gold'

ht: 30cm tall x 2m wide
ha: low, spreading
fc: yellow

Acacia baileyana Purpurea Group 'Purpurea' (f. purpurea)

lc: dark purple new growth, becoming purplish-green
frc: young pods purplish becoming grayish-blue
ch: some seedlings of this type are more cold hardy
prop: grown from seed so coloration will vary with the source and selection of stock
or: L. Coates Nursery, CA USA c. 1920

Acacia 'Bon Accueil'

fc: golden-yellow
infl: panicles of 10-15cm

Acacia cardiophylla 'Kuranga Gold Lace' ('Gold Lace')

ha: prostrate, older plant semi-contorted
fc: yellow
fd: to 1cm, raceme 3-5cm long

Acacia cognata 'Lime Magik'

ns: a listed name with (online website 2004)

Acacia cuttriformis 'Austraflora Cascade'

ht: 10cm tall x 2m wide
ha: prostrate, cascading if allowed
fq: flowers often sparse, valued mainly for the habit
in: Austraflora

Acacia dealbata 'Gaulois' ('Gallic', 'La Gaulois')

ht: 4-6m tall
fc: light yellow, some other clones are more gold
bt: February in Europe, later than the January clones
fq: very floriferous
lc: dark green

Acacia dealbata 'Gaulois Astier'

ns: a listed name in the RHS PLANT FINDER 2004, presumably a version of the popular Gallic clone 'Gaulois'

Acacia dealbata 'Kambah Karpet'

ht: 20cm tall x 3m wide
ha: prostrate, dense

Acacia dealbata 'Mirandole'

ht: to 8m - taller than many clones
fc: yellow
bt: January to Feburary, often earlier

Acacia dealbata 'Miereille'

ft: double
bt: January to February

Acacia dealbata 'Pendula'

ha: weeping to low-spreading

Acacia dealbata 'Petit Vert'

ns: a listed name from Europe, presumably a dwarf, green clone?

Acacia dealbata 'President Doumerge'

lc: blue-green
bt: January to Feb.

Acacia dealbata 'Reve d'or'

ht: 2-3m - shorter than most clones
bt: February - later than some clones

Acacia dealbata 'Rustica'

ns: a listed name from Europe. Description needed.

Acacia dealbata 'Super Lisette'

fq: very floriferous

Acacia dealbata 'Tournaire'

ha: pendulous
lc: darker green
bt: January - earlier

Acacia dealbata 'Virginia Pendula'

ha: pendulous
fc: orangish-yellow, not pale yellow as some clones

Acacia 'Exeter' ('Exeter Hybrid')

fc: yellow
infl: very large panicles
or: from a notable tree at Exeter University UK

Acacia floribunda 'Lisette'

infl: larger than species typical, very showy.
ns: possibly a form of A. dealbata or A. rhetinoides. There is a true species A. floribunda but many in the trade are A. rhetinoides 'Floribunda'.

Acacia 'Granat'

ns: a listed name c. 2002.

Acacia hawittii 'Clair de Lune' ('Moonlight')

ha: shrub to small tree, semi-pendulous to strongly cascading
fc: clear, light yellow
ld: semi-evergreen

Acacia iteaphylla 'Parson's Cascade'

ht: 50cm tall x 4m wide
ha: low, arching to pendulous, cascading if situations permit

Acacia leprosa 'Scarlet Blaze'

fc: blood red to scarlet
or: found in the wild by bushwalkers in Australia in 1995
in: Royal Bot. Gard. Melbourne, Aust. to trade in 2001
aw: this cultivar is the official floral symbol of the State of Victoria's centenary
li: Dunbar, R. 2001. Plant focus. New Plantsman 8(3): 137 (with color photo)

Acacia pravissima 'Golden Carpet'

ht: 40cm tall x 6m wide
ha: prostrate, eventually a wide flowering carpet
fc: yelow
fq: very floriferous

Acacia rhetinoides 'Floribunda' (A. fioribunda misapplied)

fq: more floriferous

Acacia rhetinoides 'Glauca'

ns: a listed name, possibly for a glaucous leaf form.

Acacia rhetinoides 'Imperialis'

lc: darker green than species typical
fq: more floriferous

Acacia rhetinoides 'Jean-Pierre'

infl: larger than species typical