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'Joe Witt'
ht: 30 ft.
ha: globose
bk: boldly striped bright white on green, showing more white
bk: than other seedlings
or: Joe Witt, Curator, Washington Park Arboretum WA USA
or: selected as superior tree in the collection. Later named for him.
eval: "still my favorite of the maples after all these years" (Herons-
eval: wood Nursery catalog 2001, presumably by Dan Hinkley)
in: Heronswood Nursery 2001
Broken Arrow Nursery (online catalog 2003)


'White Tigress'
(A. tegmentosum x ?)

Asiatic Arboretum, Sarah Duke Gardens, Durham NC. July 2003.

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ht: 10m
ha: large shrub to small tree
bk: green with distinct white stripes, suggesting a white and
bk: and green tiger
ll: 12-16cm
ls: 5-lobed
lc: dark green
afc: yellow
or: Mark and Jolly Krautmann, Heritage Seedlings, Salem OR
or: c. 1992
id: experts consider it a hybrid of A. tegmentosum but clearly
id: not a pure selection of the species


tegmentosum x
A. davidii
so: Camellia Forest Nursery