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Acer truncatum 'Akaji Nishiki'
lc: mottled yellow

Acer truncatum 'Akikaze Nishiki' ('Albovariegatum', 'Albovitatum', 'Shuhu Nishiki', 'Tricolor', 'Variegatum')

ht: 4-6m
ha: slower, more shrubby in some examples, often densely branched, established plants can become strong with time.
lc: coarsely sectored white and to a lesser degree finely mottled, covering 20-60% of surface, quite variable, some
lc: leaves all white or all green, often more chimera on one side of the blade versus the other. The youngest 2-4 leaves
lc: will be mostly rose-red or suffused pink. It will burn in strong summer sun. Reversions are common.
ll: 3-4 inches, overall smaller than species typical, especially in highly mottled and twisted blades
ls: leaves with very asymmetrical chimera often have lop-sided or falcate (sickle-shaped) lobes or some irregular
ls: deformity or twist. Blades are more deeply cut than species typical, generally 5-lobed, 3 or 7 lobes possible

Acer truncatum 'Asahi Nishiki'
ls: more divided or deeply lobed than species typical
lc: dusted white in parts, others covering a entire sector or section of a lobe in white

Acer truncatum var. mayrii
lc: new growth bronze, showy
ls: 5-lobed, very round in outline
bt: Dirr reports this variety at the Arnold Arboretum emerges earlier in leaf and flower than the typical variety,
bt: being impressive on one May 26th.

Acer truncatum subsp. mono = Acer pictum

Acer truncatum x Acer platanoides = see clones NORWEGIAN SUNSET and PACIFIC SUNSET

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