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Allamanda cathartica 'Annemarie'

or: Genplant Bv. Netherlands 5/2002

Allamanda cathartica 'Birthe'

fc: golden-yellow
fq: more floriferous
lc: dark green
so: (online catalog 2002)

Allamanda cathartica 'Brown Bud'

fc: brown buds open typical yellow, giving some interest at first.
lw: narrow blade

Allamanda cathartica 'Cherries Jubilee' ('Chocolate Cherry')

click image to enlarge
JC Raulston Arboretum. Summer 2003 (summer vine).

fc: light pink, red throat, has some faint chocolate to bronze tints in the bud and face of open flower. The face has irregular amounts of pink pigments and much darker veins overall. Color varies with flower age and shading.
so: (online catalog 2002)

Allamanda cathartica 'Chocolate Cherry' = 'Cherries Jubilee'


Allamanda cathartica 'Chocolate Swirl'

fc: cream to light peach, marked brown on lobe margins, producting a swirled effect that is quite nice.
fd: 2.0 in. - smaller than some

Allamanda cathartica 'Compacta'

ht: 24-36 in. tall x 36-48 in. wide - more suitable for containers, home greenhouses, or small garden spaces
ha: compact, dwarf

Allamanda cathartica 'Cream'

fc: yellowish-cream, a paler shade
so: (online catalog 2002)

Allamanda cathartica 'Floreoplena'

ft: double, irregular but quite elegant

Allamanda cathartica 'Golden Bells'

ha: dwarf
fc: golden-yellow (typical?)
ft: distinctly bell-shaped

Allamanda cathartica 'Grandiflora'

fd: apparently larger than species typical, as is 'Williamsii'

Allamanda cathartica 'Halley's Comet'

ft: double version of 'Williamsii'

Allamanda cathartica 'Hendersonii' ('Henderson Dwarf')

ha: compact
fc: clear dark yellow

Allamanda cathartica 'Hendersonii Compacta'

ns: a listed name, perhaps the same as ordinary compact 'Hendersonii'

Allamanda cathartica 'Jamaican Sunset'

fc: light pink with light purple.
ns: it seems unlikely that this is the correct species assignment giving the corolla colors.

Allamanda cathartica 'Silver Dwarf'

ns: a listed name with Plantscope. nl (online database 2002)

Allamanda cathartica 'Stansill's Double'

ns: a listed name in the RHS PLANT FINDER 1996, apparently double-flowered. How it differs from the
ns: popular 'Floreoplena' is not known.

Allamanda cathartica 'Williamsii'

fc: yellow, marked brownish-purple
fd: 4.0 in. - larger than species typical
eval: long the standard cultivar that has replaced the species in many regions.

Allamanda neriifolia 'Gray Supreme'

so: Logees (online catalog 2002, without description or photo)