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Aurora Yellow (Aurora)

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gangeticus (tricolor) 3-4 ft. but some report only 24 in. in their climate yellow bracts narrow bracts in a full crown. narrow leaf as in var. salicifolius
Bronze Standard cruentus   bronze-copper spike-like dark green leaf.
Burgundy hypochondriacus   dark red drooping, cascading green leaf becomes purplish. Resembles a giant version of A. caudatus

Park Seed Co. Click image.

    dark red tightly congested and dense, irregular to upright, heads usually flopping under their own mature weight. Almost always cylindrical with some lateral sections that are much reduced conical to globose. It has a tower-of-powderpuffs like look at times. Green leaves and pinkish stems. It is so strange it can be very compelling. Other people see curious or familiar things in the inflorescence architecture, some of which are unprintable on this site. It is a good conversation plant for letting imaginations and opinions run wild.
Early Splendor gangeticus (tricolor) 3-4 ft. red, yellow, and green bracts Poinsettia-like bracts bronzy-green leaf. Gives color up to 2 weeks before 'Splendens' or other strains
Elephant Head Green gangeticus (tricolor) 3-5 ft. green globose to ovoid head of small, dense heads, usually with one central projection that later droops like a trunk coming out of a round head. a very strange and amusing strain. Often it proves a bit more phallic than elephantine.
Elephant Head Red gangeticus (tricolor) 3-5 ft. red globose to ovoid head of small, dense heads, usually with one central projection that later droops like a trunk coming out of a round head.  
Flaming Fountain gangeticus (tricolor) 85cm dark red bracts   narrow leaf
Foxtail cruentus 2-3 ft. dark red spike-like raceme bronze leaf
Giant Copperhead paniculatus (cruentus?)   copper-bronze semi-drooping heads yellowish-green leaf, bronze stems.
Golden Giant cruentus 48 in. golden-brown tassel-like, slightly drooping  
Green Balls caudatus   green globose, ball-shaped  
Green Thumb caudatus 48 in. bright, light green erect, branched but small panicle made of thumb-like sections The heads are more erect and bright green than 'Viridis'
Green Tails caudatus   green drooping, tail-like 'Red Tails' is usually sold with it.
Hanging Green caudatus   green drooping panicle probably the same as ordinary 'Viridis'
Hanging Red caudatus   dark red drooping panicle  
Hartman's Giant gangeticus (tricolor) 6.0 ft. dark red   a very large strain of the species
Hopi Red Dye
(Hope Red Dye)

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cruentus x powellii 6 ft. reddish-purple open 1-2 ft. y with denser branching units alternating with sparser ones reddish-purple leaves. Used for traditional native dying of fabric. It is an interspecific hybrid. This plant is both ornamental and useful for crafts.
Hot Biscuit

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cruentus 110cm tall x 40cm wide tawny brown to copper-orange small informal branched panicle, slightly drooping but many erect Sahin 1997. Fleuroselect Quality Award as A. paniculatus. A very unique and useful color

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gangeticus (tricolor)   light red bracts, often tinged gold, sometimes very orange, usually with less green than other strains, sometimes with contrasting spotted colors   bronze to bronze-green leaf. From Japan. Very bright and glowing. A shoking and glowing plant. It reminds many folks of an outdoor Poinsettia when well grown.
Intense Purple hypochonriacus 5-8 ft. reddish-purple tassel-like heads Purplish to purplish-green leaf, usually with more purplish veins.
Komo cruentus 5-6 dark burgundy red    
Love Lies Bleeding = species

Park Seed Co. click image

caudatus   red 20-24 in. long, drooping this name is best regarded as a common name and not a true strain or cultivar. Some authors like Armitage regard it is representing the most extreme or long-panicled variation.
Love Lies Bleeding Green = Viridis?          
Joseph's Coat = Splendens gangeticus (tricolor)        
Magic Fountains caudatus 20-48 in. mixed strain in red, green, and yellow shades upright panicles later cascade slightly  
Mano de Gato     bright magenta to fuchsia cockscomb-like leaves bright green with reddish margins
Marvel Bronze paniculatus 90-120cm dark red erect, plumose panicles Reddish-bronze foliage compliments the flowers well. 2005 Thompson & Morgan release (The Seed Catalog (US Edition): 9, with color photo).
Molten Fire gangeticus (tricolor) 4 ft. dark red bracts   leaves red and green.
Oeschberg cruentus 5-6 ft. dark red erect plume  
Opopea cruentus 4-7 ft.     showy dark red leaf. Edible white seeds.
Orange Giant cruentus 6 ft. bright orange seedheads   white seeds.
Perfecta (Tricolor Perfecta)

Riverbanks Botanical Garden. Click image.

gangeticus (tricolor)   red, green, and yellowish-green bracts   The distinction between this strain and 'Splendens' is somewhat in doubt at times but growers do often separate strains under these two names. At least one version of this strain (perhaps the best and true one) has much more narrow, undulate bracts than 'Splendens' ;as shown in the photo here. I'm inclined to say this strain is almost always more olive green with far less yellow than 'Splendens' but plants vary so widely with age, culture, and climate. It is perhaps best to say it less boldly and evenly tricolored than some 'Splendens' stock and leave it at that.
Pigmy Torch caudatus 20-24 in. dark red erect, Celosia-like a good small strain for gardens
Pony Tails caudatus 3-5 ft. dark red bead-shaped or densely clustered heads in a drooping panicle a very interesting and curious form
Prince's Feather = species hypochondriacus        
Red Cathedral cruentus 4 ft. dark burgundy erect, multi-branched spires or towers like those of a cathedral red leaf
Red Tails caudatus   red drooping, long and tail-like 'Green Tails' is a color variant of the same look
Ritz Rocket

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Scarlet Torch gangeticus (tricolor)   scarlet red    
Splendens (Tricolor Splendens, Joseph's Coat) gangeticus (tricolor) 36 in. tall x 18 in. wide red, yellow, and green bracts Poinsettia-like bracts this name represents a more brightly colored strain of the species, perfected over many decades.
Standing Green caudatus   green erect, plume-like a non-drooping strain
Standing Red caudatus   red erect, plume-like a non-drooping strain
Summer Love caudatus 14-16 in. pink drooping tassels A useful and colorful dwarf strain. Not as widely sold as it might be.
Tara Humara Okite unknown 4-6 ft. red large, very showy red foliage. Collected nbear Batopilas, Mexico
Tricolor Splendens = Splendens          
Velvet Curtains

Park Seed Co. Click image.

  4-6 ft. rich red, some orangish tones in sun irregular heads, some flowers cascading and other erect. Many are pleasantly curled and twisted with some degree of beauty. Red tinged leaves. This very robust and massive strain is intended to be a curtain when mass planted. The effect is bold even if not sophisticated.

Park Seed. Co. Click image.

caudatus   bright and very light green. drooping from strong, erect stalks A general, older name for the greener versions of the species. Best in a masses so the green can saturate the view. They lack the pigment of the red "love lies bleeding" as the photo here compares them.