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Amorpha fruticosa at the North Carolina Botanical Garden in Spring 2003. The blackish-purple flowers are numerous and contrast amazingly with the bright orange anthers. Not all plants of the species are as darkly pigmented. Some are much bluer with more yellow stamens. One can acquire 'Dark Lance' to be assured of a good contrasty, richly hued clone. As there is dwarf genetics in the species (f. humilis), it would be nice to have someone breed a dark-flowered and dwarf cultivar. The species and 'Dark Lance' at 12-15 feet are too large for many gardens that might enjoy this special look.

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Amorpha fruticosa 'Albiflora'

fc: white - species is violet to blue

Amorpha fruticosa var. angustifolia Pursh. (var. nana in part)

ha: twiggy, sometimes denser
ht: 1.5m-5.0m - often shorter than species typical
lt: leaflets 9-27 (species is 11-25)
ls: leaflets oval to oblong (species is elliptic)
la: leaflets distinctly tapered at both ends compared to species typical

Amorpha fruticosa 'Coerulea' ('Corulea')

fc: light blue
ns: Krüssman uses the incorrect form 'Corulea'
or: in gardens since 1838

Amorpha fruticosa 'Crispa'

lm: margins distinctly crispate and crinkled

Amorpha fruticosa 'Dark Lance'

ht: 14 ft. tall x 6.5 ft. wide (6 years)
ha: globose, generally compact
fc: rich violet-purple with golden brown filaments
or: Benny J. Simpson selected from wild populations
li: HortScience 24: 713-714 (1989)

Amorpha fruticosa var. emarginata Pursh. (A. emarginata Sweet)

lw: leaflets wider than var. fruticosa (species typical variety)
la: leaflets emarginate at the apex or obtuse

Amorpha fruticosa f. humilis (Tauscvh) Palmer

ha: dwarf, compact
li: Palmer, E.J. 1931. Conspectus of the genus Amorpha. J. Arnold Arb. 12: 157-197.

Amorpha fruticosa 'Lewisii'

fd: larger flowers than species typical
li: Loddiges Nur. Catalog 1830

Amorpha fruticosa 'Pendula'

ha: prostrate or arching downward
or: in gardens since 1869

Amorpha fruticosa var. tennessensis Kunze (Palmer)

ht: 6m tall - larger than var. fruticosa in many examples
lv: strongly pubescent over plant
ll: leaflets longer than var. fruticosa
ft: calyx teeth more distinctly blunt
fd: pods longer than var. fruticosa
li: Palmer, E.J. 1931. Conspectus of the genus Amorpha. J. Arnold Arb. 12: 157-197.