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  Ampelopsis aconitifolia  
so: Forest Farm


  Ampelopsis aconitifolia 'Chinese Lace' (6/4)  
ls, lm: blades more deeply incised, lacy in appearance.
in: UK trade 2004. Still not seen in the US.


  Ampelopsis brevipedunculata = A. glandulosa var. brevipedunculata  
ns: this is the latest, correct taxonomic name for this popular garden vine.


  Ampelopsis cordata  
so: Forest Farm


  Ampelopsis glandulosa var. brevipedunculata 'Citrulloides'  
ls: deeply five-lobed - typical variety is mostly 3-lobed. Central very narrow at the base.
or: Europe c. 1875


  Ampelopsis glandulosa var. maximowiczii  
lv: mature leaves and shoots glabrous - var. brevipedunculata is coarsely pubescent
ls: cordiform, unlobed, 3-lobed, or rare 5-lobed - more highly variable in shape. In gardens it seems
ls: to have been selected for more deeply lobed variations which are quite attractive.
ls: than var. brevipedunculata.


  Ampelopsis glandulosa var. maximowiczii 'Elegans' ('Tricolor')

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JC Raulston Arboretum. June 2004. A happy vine even in 105 degree/98% humidity summer days given a bit of shade from overhead trees.

ha: slower than variety typical but by no means weak. Be careful to remove all green shoots before they take over due to their competitative advantage.
lc: mottled pink becoming mottled white. Very young leaves may be all pink if given enough sun. It is bicolored in most gardens.
ll: smaller than the varietal typical
ns: it has been listed under var. brevipendulculata but it quite glabrous and often 5-lobed.
ch: USDA 5 - less cold hardy by about one zone - typical var. is USDA 4
in: Siebold 1847, probably from gardens of Japan.
Forest Farm


  Ampelopsis japonica  
so: Forest Farm