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Angelica archangelica 'Corinne Tremaine'

lc: mottled and splashed creamy white
Cotswold Garden Flowers (online catalog 2001)

Angelica sylvestris 'Purpurea' = 'Vicar's Mead'

lc: purplish
ns: not validly published before 1959 and not valid. The purple entity is correctly called 'Vicar's Mead'

Angelica sylvestris 'Vicar's Mead' ('Purpurea') (A. taiwaniana 'Vicar's Mead')

ht: 1-3m tall x 2m wide
st: brownish-purple
lc: purplish-brown
fc: pink
fd: umbels 5 in wide.
or: UK c. 1996
prop: it has been distributed in seed form so it is sure to be variable.
li: Hinkley, D. 1999. The explorer's garden. Timber Press. Portland
ns: we are following the RHS HORTICULTURAL DATABASE in the species epithet used.
Cotswold Garden Flowers (online catalog 2001)

Angelica taiwaniana 'Vicar's Mead' =A. sylvestris 'Vicar's Mead'