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Araucaria araucana is one of the more cold hardy species and it makes a statement in any conifer collection. In warm climate is reaches 30 meters or more. The needles are amongst the widest, darkest, and most stout in the genus.

This plant at the JC Raulston Arboretum is protected in a lathhouse but takes USDA zone 7 conditions well. It needs some training in youth to direct it to a symmetrical and denser form.

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Araucaria biramulata in the spectacular conservatory of the Atlanta Botanical Garden (ABG) where there is a good collection of less hardy conifer species.

This rarely seen species reminds one of a drooping, stiffer-leaved A. heterophylla (A. excelsa) grown in many of our homes. The bright, fresh green color together with the relaxed form is quite pleasant.

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Araucaria rulei is native to New Caledonia and makes a small tree of 10-15m where hardy outdoors.

At the ABG conservatory this dark, closely imbricated species has a foliage quality like nothing else I know. There are a number of two compact cultivars which would be worth seeking out. I'd encourage more conservatories to give this beauty a try. It should do well outdoors in part shade in summers.

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Araucaria angustifolia 'Elegans' (var. gracilis Carr.)

ha: leaves more dense and appressed on the stem
lw: needles narrower than species typical
lt: needles less stiff than species typical
la: less acute than species typical
or: known in Europe since 1852

Araucaria angustifolia 'Ridolfiana'

ha: more vigorous, robust than species typical
ll, lw: longer and wider needles than species typical
ns: it is not related to A. ridolfiana Savi
or: known since 1858

Araucaria angustifolia 'Saviana'

lc: more glaucous blue than species typical
lw: narrower needle than species typical
or: known since 1868

Araucaria araucana 'Andenzwerg'

ha: dwarf, slower, 10cm growth rate a year
ll: smaller than species typical
or: G. Horstmann, Germany from seed collected in Parque Nacional Tolhuaca, Chile

Araucaria araucana 'Angustifolia'

ha: branches narrower and more elongated than species typical

Araucaria araucana 'Aurea'

lc: golden-yellow
or: Taylor from Castle Kennedy c. 1855
in: W. Barron & Sons, Barrowash, England to trade

Araucaria araucana 'Densa'

ha: branches loose and sparse (despite the name), only the leaves dense and closely spaced
or: known since 1867
so: denOuden & Boom (1965) say it was no longer in cultivation.

Araucaria araucana 'Denudata'

ha: branches sparse adn less numerous
ll: shorter than species typical
or: A. Leroy, Angiers, France before 1867

Araucaria araucana 'Distans'

ha: vigorous, major whorls of branches about 1m apart (ie. distant)
or: known since before 1867

Araucaria araucana 'Kurt Sachs'

ch: more cold hardy - having survived in Hamburg, Germany for decades without damage

Araucaria araucana 'Platifolia' ('Platyfolia')

ll: shorter thanb species typical
lw: wider than species typical
ns: the spelling 'Platifolia' is preferred here rather than the incorrect 'Platyfolia' seen in Krussman.

Araucaria araucana 'Striata'

lc, st: stems and leaves striped yellow
or: A. Leroy, Angiers, France before 1858

Araucaria araucana 'Variegata'

lc: needles a mix of green and light yellow, some shoots all green
or: Glendinings Nursery, Turnham Green, England before 1858

Araucaria cunninghamii 'Glauca'

lc: silvery-blue to blue-gray
or: Moreton Bay before 1840
in: Loddiges Nursery to European trade c. 1840

Araucaria cunninghamii 'Longifolia'

ll: longer than species typical
ls: straighter, less curved than species typical

Araucaria cunninghamii 'Pendula'

ha: pendulous
or: known since 1867

Araucaria cunninghamii 'Taxifolia'

ha: densely branched but not in clusters
lt: shoted 2-ranked as with some Taxus
or: known since 1867

Araucaria excelsa = A. heterophylla


Araucaria heterophylla 'Albospica' ('Silver Star', variegata alba Carr.)

lc: mottled silvery-white, often mostly green later
or: known in Europe snce 1867

Araucaria heterophylla 'Astrid' ('Leopold Astrid')

ha: compact, graceful, uniform tiers, more vigorous than 'Gracilis'
lt: needles smaller, thicker

Araucaria heterophylla 'Aurea Variegata'

lc: blue-green (more glaucous) with a broad yellow stripe
or: known since 1867

Araucaria heterophylla 'Compacta'

ha: denser, compact
or: known since 1891 per Krussman

Araucaria heterophylla 'Glauca'

ha: slightly slower than species typical
lc: glaucous blue-green

Araucaria heterophylla 'Gracilis'

ha: slower and more compact than species typical, graceful, branches turning downward. Has a
ha: "frilled appearance" according to Graf.
lt: needles thinner
lc: lighter green than species typical
lu: it is widely grown as a potted indoor plant. It is likely some of the stock under the species name is
lu: of this clone or one very similar.

Araucaria heterophylla 'Leopoldii'

ha: compact
lc: bluer green
or: Europe since 1923

Araucaria heterophylla 'Monstrosa'

ha: branches often clustered, irregular
lc: shoots often white-tipped
or: known since 1867

Araucaria heterophylla 'Muelleri'

ha: more vigorous than species typical

Araucaria heterophylla 'Robusta' (A. sanderiana hort., A. goldieana hort.)

ha: stronger, more vigorous
lc: darker green than species typical
or: known in Europe since 1881

Araucaria heterophylla 'Silver Star' = 'Albospica'


Araucaria heterophylla 'Speciossima'

ha: resembling a more compact A. cunninghammii but not belonging to that species
ll: to 4cm long
lt: needles curlved
or: Rougier, Chauviere, France before 1847

Araucaria heterophylla variegata alba = 'Albospica'


Araucaria heterophylla 'Virgata'

ha: branches much elongated and hardly branched
or: found in garden at Palermo, Silily before 1906

Araucaria rulei 'Goldieana'

ha: more graceful than species typical
ll: smaller than species typical

Araucaria rulei 'Elegans'

ha: branch whorls more closely spaced, branches thinner than species typical
ll: smaller than species typical
or: known since before 1844