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and other cold hardy clones
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INTRODUCTION: This page is devoted to new, superior, and rare cultivars of Begonias more hardy for outdoor landscaping. This includes some proven in USDA zones 6-7, sometimes requiring a tad of mulch or a safer spot. The best known of these belong to Begonia grandis (B. evansiana) and B. sinensis. You will note 'Kaylen', a cultivar of B. x semperflorens which has survived to zero degrees F.


Begonia boliviensis

Plant Delights Nursery. September 2003. Not bad for a fall-blooming ground
cover, eh? Click image to enlarge. LCH.

ht: 12 in. tall x 24 in. wide
ha: tuberous-rooted, arching. Has an aspect like an outdoor Christmas cactus but less rigid.
ls: angel-wing type
fc: bright orange-red
ft: bell-shaped to funnelform
fd: 2.0 in. long
ch: 7b
Plant Delights Nursery


Begonia grandis 'Alba' (var. albus) ht: 24-30 in.
fc: white to blush pink
lc: lighter green than species typical - a common trait of white-flowered plants.
lc: any pink tints below are lighter and never so red and most other clones.


Begonia grandis 'Claret Jug' (1/03) fc: pink
lc: reddish below
id: Schmid says "virtually identical to the type". It makes a useful clone as
id: the species is variable.
li: Schmid, W.G. 2002. An enc. of shade perennials Timber Press. p. 118


Begonia grandis 'Heron's Pirouette' (12/02) fc: bright "hot pink"
or: Heronswood Nursery as seedling 1997 - seed from Japanese source.
in, so:
Heronswood Nursery (online catalog Fall 2002)


Begonia grandis 'Simsii' fc: pink
fd: larger than species typical


Begonia grandis 'Wildwood Premier' ht: 24 in. or more
lc: dark olive green, petioles and some veins above bright red. Reddish below
lc: and often with a thin red margin.
fc: corolla light pink, calyx bright red
fd: larger
ch: 6
or: Thurman Maness NC USA
in, so:
Plant Delights Nursery (Spring 2001 Catalog: 10)
eval: considered the best clone for modern gardens


Begonia grandis 'Wildwood Purity' ht: 24 in. tall x 24 in. wide
fc: corolla white, calyx reddish
or: Thurman Maness NC USA as selection
in, so:
Terra Nova Nurseries (Catalog 2000: 4)


Begonia x semperflorens 'Kaylen' (12/02) lc: red
fc: rose-red
ch: to about 0 deg. F. - the most cold hardy of this group to date
in: Dr. Armitage, Univ. of Georgia
Terra Nova Nurseries (online catalog 2002)
lu: this amazing clone has proven far more hardy in zones 7-8 than anyone
lu: would have imagined just a few years ago.


Begonia grandis 'Alba' ht: 10 in. tall x 10 in. wide
fc: pure white, showy yellow stamens
lc: light green
or: colected 1996 at 3500 ft. at Yueba Forest Station, Shannxi Province, China
in, so:
Plant Delights Nursery (Spring 2003 Catalog: 25, with color photo)


Begonia sinensis 'Wolong Rose' ht: 10 in. tall x 24 in. wide
ha: spreading mound
fc: corolla darker pink the species typical, calyc reddish-pink
bt: later than species typical (July- October in NC)
or: Darrell Probst collected 1996 near Pitiao River, Sichuan, Wolong, China
in, so:
Plant Delights Nursery (Spring 2001 Catalog: 10, color photo)