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Bidens aurea [cream]

fc: rays cream rather than yellow

Bidens aurea 'Hannah's Lemon Drop'

eval: a popular strain from Europe.

Bidens ferulifolia GOLDEN FLAME 'Samsawae'

eval: a widely grown plant from Europe, dating from perhaps 2002.

Bidens ferulifolia 'Peters Gold Carpet' ('Peters Goldteppich')

ht: 20cm tall x 40cm wide
ha: spreading mound. It is not a low carpet as recorded heights of 20cm confirms
fd: larger than species typical
fc: rays golden yellow
fq: very floriferous
bt: May to November possible
lc: dark green
rai: improved over the older 'Goldie'
lu: useful for containers, baskets, tubs, and balcony gardens
pat: European PBR

Bidens ferulifolia 'Solaire Compact Yellow' (7/3)

clclick image to enlarge
AAS Trials, Raulston Arboretum. June 2003.

ht: 5-8 in.
so: Proven Winners

Bidens 'Golden Eye'

ht: 10-12 in.
ha: prostrate
fc: rays golden yellow
ft: 5-7 rays per head
or: Thompson and Morgan hybrid
Thompson and Morgan

Bidens 'Golden Goddess'

ht: 18-24 in. tall x 18 in. wide
fc: rays golden yellow
fd: heads 2.0-2.5 in. wide
dr: mildrew, rust resistant
Thompson and Morgan