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Borago officinalis 'Alba'
fc: white
prop: grown and from seed and thus varibale. Masha Bennett (2003) in Pulmonarias states "There seem to be at least
prop: two strains in cultivation in the UK, one with more elongated leaves than the other. The former seeds about 50
prop: percent white and the rest blue, while the shorter leaved form should come 100 per center true from seed".

Borago officinalis 'Bill Archer' ('Variegata')
lc: mottled yellow, more curious than really pretty in our opinion.
ns: Masha Bennett (2003) uses the Latin name while the RHS uses the vernacular one. We believe the
ns: Latin name postdates 1959 so 'Bill Archer' is the correct choice, pending any other evidence coming forth.