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Introduction: There are numerous refined cultivars of this versatile and fun flowering genus. A few decades back they were mainly the domain of Australia, New Zealand, and the largest conservatories around the world. As this genus is becoming increasingly popular in the US and Europe, we decided to sort out as many cultivars as could be found. There are some solid citizens hardy to USDA zone 7. Those clones like 'Woodlander's Hardy' and future hybrids will likely extend the value of this group to thousands more gardeners in decades to come.

The measurements here are in the form of maximum height x maximum width in warm climates. In colder and more marginal climates they will likely be smaller and shrubbier.

For more history and detailed measurements consult the link to the ACRA website.



citrinus 'White Anzac' ('Albus') - 1x3m, mounded, white becomes creamy-white, 10-15cm inflor.
'Clearview White' - 3x3m, white
pallidus 'Father Christmas' - 2m, cream with showy red anthers
viminalis 'Wilderness White' - 2.5x2m, white, 10cm inflor.


citrinus 'Angela' - 2.5x3m, pink with white tips
'Candy Pink' - 5x3m, pinkish-red becomes rich pink
'Cane's Hybrid' - 10x8 ft, drooping, globose-umbrella-shaped, bronze-pink new growth becomes gray-green, 2-3 in. leaves, hardy to 20 deg. F. Source:
Suncrest Nurseries (online catalog 2003)
'Cinderella' - 3.5x2.5m, pink becoming silvery-pink, greenish-yellow anthers (unlike black on 'Reeve's Pink'), 7cm inflor.
citrinus 'Desmesne Rowena' - 1.5x1.5m, dwarf and habit, dark red becomes rich pink
citrinus 'Eastland' - 2.5m, mauve-pink
citrinus 'Reeve's Pink' - rich pink, a very popular named clone
'Country Sprite' - 4-5m, bronze-pink new growth, medium pink
'Eureka' - 3m, dense habit, purplish-red new growth, bright pink inflor.
'Glasshouse Country' - 3-5x1.5m, silky hairyt new growth, pink with yellow anthers, 5-6cm inflor.
'Glasshouse Gem' - 3-5x1.5m, upright, dark pink new growth is very showy, pink inflor.
'Happy Valley' - 4m, pink with red anthers, dark green leaf
'Injune' - light pink, yellow anthers
pachyphyllus 'Smoked Salmon' - 1.5m, compact, salmon-pink (species is red), 8cm inflor.
palidus 'Candle Glow' - 0.1x2.5m wide, prostrate, bright pink inflor.
paludosus 'Sallyann' - 3-4x2m, pendulous, light pink
phoeniceus 'Pink Ice' - light pink with white tips
'Pink Champagne' - dark pink becomes a lighter pink
'Pink Sensation' - 3x1.5m, dark pink with yellow anthers, 8cm inflor.
'Prestige Pink' - globose, reddish new growth, bright pink opens to more light pink
'Running River' - 2m, gray-green leaf, pink, smallish inflor. but useful as a dwarf clone
salignus 'Perth Pink' - 3m, dark pink
sieberi 'Millie Marsden' 3m, weeping, gray-green leaf, light pink inflor.
'Tin-Sal Glow' - 1.5x3-5m, pinkish new growth, pink inflor.
viminalis 'Bob Bailey' - 5x3m, pink, denser inflor of 10-16cm long
viminalis 'Wollumbin' - 2x1m, salmon-pink, 3.5cm inflor.


'Burgundy' - 3x3m, pink flowers become dark burgundy red, inflor. 9cm long
'Burning Bush' - 4 ft, carmine-red, dense inflor.
citrinus 'Compacta' 1-1.5m, compact, shorter, smaller inflor. but one in scale with the plant
citrinus 'Firebrand' - 0.6x2.5m, prostrate-spreading, bright reddish-pink, 9cm inflor.
citrinus [improved] - an more refined form. This name is not a legitimate cultivar name.
citrinus 'Splendens' ('Endeavor') - 2x2m, bright rose-red, 12cm inflor (much larger than species)
citrinus 'Western Glory' - 2-3x2-4m, mauve-red, 12cm inflor.
'Coochy Coochy' ('Coochy Coochy Station') - 3m, red with yellow anthers
'Hannah's Child' - 1.5x4m, blue-green leaf, scarlet, 9-12cm inflor, blooms younger than 'King's Park Special'
'Kempsey' - 4x2m, bright red, dense inflor.
'King's Park Special' - 3-5x3-4m, slight pendulous, bright red, multiple heads of 13x6cm
'Ngungen Red' - 2x5m, pinkish-red new growth, dark red with yellow anthers, 4cm inflor.
pearsonii 'Rainbow Falls; - 1.5x1.5m, dark red with yellow tips
pearsonii 'Rocky Rambler' - 0.3x1.5m, prostrate, pinkish-purple new growth, red with gold tips
'Phil May' - 0.6x2m, bronze new growth, red inflor.
pinifolius [red flowering]
'Red Clusters' - 2.5x2m, globose, pinkish new growth, red flowers
'Red Devil' - bright red
'Red Reika' - 4x4m, red, 15cm inflor.
'Reliance' - 2m, red
salignus 'Ruber' ('Rubra') - 3m, red
subulatus 'Crimson Tail' - 1m, arching habit, dark red leaf, long red inflor.
subulatus 'Packers' ('Packers Selection') - 1.5x1.5m, vigorous, pendulous, dark red, 9cm inflor.
viminalis 'Captain Cook' - 1-2m, dwarf, lower than species, rich red
viminalis 'Dawson River Weeper' - 5x5m, vigorous, pendulous, red, 9cm inflor.
viminalis 'Hannah Ray' - 4m, gray-green leaf, bright red
viminalis 'Harkness' - red, dense inflor. to 15cm long
viminalis 'Hen Camp Creek' - 4x2m, bright red
viminalis 'Little John' - 1m, dense, dark red with gold stamens, blue-green leaf, very popular
viminalis 'Malawi Giant' - thought to be a larger clone. Description needed.
viminalis 'McCaskillii' - 5m, tree-shaped, denser habit, very floriferous
viminalis 'Prolific' - 6x4m, tree-sized, vigoorus, semi-weeping, bright red, 8cm inflor.
viminalis 'Red Cascade' - 3-4m, pendulous, tree-sized, very floriferous
viminalis 'Rose Opal' - 1.5x1m, dwarf, rose-red, 7-8cm inflor.
viminalis 'Wild River' - 4x2m, semi-weeping, red
'Wildfire of Newcastle' ('Fire Opa;') - 2x2m, bright red
'Woodlanders Hardy' ('Woodlanders Red') - 1m, arching-spreading, hardy to USDA 7, tawny-olive winter color
'Woolomin Sparkler' - 3x2m, compact, red, 8-12cm inflor.


citrinus 'Mauve Mist' 3x3m, dense habit, pinkish-mauve, 7cm inflor.
citrinus 'Mount Drummer' - 3m, dark green leaf, light purple to lavender inflor.
'Lilacinus' 5-6x4-5m, light lavender to pale purple
'Violaceus' ('Jerrersii') - rose-lavender, a unique of lovely color for this genus


citrinus 'Yellow Queen' - yellow
pinifolius [yellow flowering]
viridiflorus 'Country Park Dwarf' - greenish-yellow
viridiflorus 'Sunshine' - bright yellow


citrinus 'Canberra' - listed by the RHS HORTICULTURAL DATABASE 2003. Not seen in Australian catalogs.
citrinus 'Horse Paddock' - listed by the RHS HORTICULTURAL DATABASE 2003.
pinifolius [green flowering] - greenish tints
pinifolius 'Sockeye' - listed by the RHS HORTICULTURAL DATABASE 2003. Not found on interest or catalogs.
pityoides 'Browns Swam' - listed by the RHS HORTICULTURAL DATABASE 2003.
'Purple Splendor'
'Royal Sceptre' - listed by the RHS HORTICULTURAL DATABASE 2003. Not found on interest or catalogs.