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Catharanthus - Nomenclature

ns: most of the cultivars are traditionally found under the common species C. roseus. It is now reported
ns: that newer cultivars since the 90's have had other species added to the genetic pool. As it remains unclear
ns: which are pure C. roseus and which have the new blood, we have elected to list cultivars directly
ns: under the genus name.

Catharanthus 'Apricot Delight'

ht: 12 in.
fc: pink tinged orange on an ivory white base, not a true orange, red eye

Catharanthus 'Aztec Pink Magic'

fc: lavender-pink

Catharanthus 'Berriwinkle' (10/4)

fc: various shades of red, lavender, purplish-red, and red, all with a large, halo-like white eye
lu: proven very heat tolerant
in, so:, introduced 2004

Catharanthus 'Blue Pearl'

fc: bluish-lavender, white eye
bt: early from seed
lu: reportedly more stress tolerant

Catharanthus 'Carpet'

ht: 3-4 in. tall x 24 in. wide
ha: lower, carpeting - this was a breakthrough at the time.
fc: mixed colors
eval: 'Mediterranean' series is said to be superior and can replace it.

Catharanthus 'Cascade Appleblossom'

ha: semi-trailing, giving up to twice the ground cover of other cultivars
fc: light pink, white eye, notably more fade resistant in sun

Catharanthus COOLER™

COOLER™ Lavender Hue - click image

ht: 10-18 in. - some report lower heights of 6-8 in.
ha: well branched at the base, usually dense
ft: large, overlapping, rounded petals
lu: reportedly more tolerant of wet soils

Catharanthus 'First Kiss'

'First Kiss Apricot' - click image

'First Kiss Coral'  - click image

'First Kiss Ruby' - click image


Catharanthus 'Heatwave'

'Heatwave Apricot' - click image

'Heatwave Peach' - click image

Heatwave Red' - click image

ht: 10-12 in.
fd: to 2.0 in.
bt: earlier from seed than older strains. Tepals are wider and more overlapping than most other strains.
lu: more heat tolerant than some older strains


Catharanthus 'Jaio Dark Red'

click image

fc: rich dark rose-red, nearly a true red, very large white star-like eye

Catharanthus 'Jaio Scarlet Eye'

click image

fc: cherry red, white eye, a real color breakthrough among the red (see photo above)
aw: AAS 2002

Catharanthus 'Little' series

ha: compact to dwarf

Catharanthus 'Lipstick'

ht: 10-12 in.
ft: similar to 'Pacifica' series

Catharanthus 'Magic Carpet'

ns: a listed name in Europe. Probably the same as what is grown in the US as 'Carpet' (see above)

Catharanthus 'Merry-Go-Round' (10/4)

ht: 18-24 in. tall - much larger than most strains
fc: various colors including red, near purple, or lilac with white eye
lc: dark glossy green

lu: heat tolerant in trials
eval: Burpee calls it "tallest, hardiest, cheeriest vinca ever"
in, so:, introduced 2004

Catharanthus 'Mediterranean'

ha: lower, trailing, suitable for bedding or baskets
eval: said to replace the older 'Carpet' series

Catharanthus 'Merlot'

ht: 10-14 in.
ha: upright
wholesale source: (online catalog 2002)

Catharanthus 'Morning Mist'

fc: white, rose center zone
fd: large diameter by modern standards

Catharanthus 'Pacifica'

ht: 12-14 in.
ha: well branched at the base, compact
fd: to 2 in. - larger
ft: petals larger, more obtuse

Catharanthus 'Parasol'

fc: white, rose eye
fd: 2.0 in.
lu: heat and drought tolerant, more durable than older strains
or: Den Holm Seeds
aw: AAS 1991

Catharanthus 'Passion'

ns: a listed name. Description needed.

Catharanthus 'Patricia'

fc: pure white

Catharanthus 'Pretty' ('Pretty In')

or: R.D. Parker, Univ. of CT USA as hybrid
aw: AAS 1991
fc: some seedlings have both an eye and a darker central zone.

Catharanthus roseus Ocellatus Group

ft: having a distinct eyezone or eyespot.
ns: this cultivar group is somewhat meaningless today since nearly all the strains combine eyed and eye-free
ns: colors in the same packet. Even then the eyed cultivars may have genes of other species and could not
ns: comfortably fit within this species' cultivar group.

Catharanthus 'Santa Fe'

ha: very compact
fc: dark salmon
bt: early from seed

Catharanthus 'Stardust'

ht: 12-20 in.
ft: all with dusted centers rather than a sharp eye.
lc: darker green
lu: tolerant of wet soil conditions than older strains

Catharanthus 'Sun Goddess' (10/4)

fc: "cool lavender" with a large white, halo-like eyezone
fd: 2.5 to 2.75 inches - one of the largest flower diameters known to date (10/2004)
in, so:, introduced 2004

Catharanthus 'Sunsplash'


Catharanthus 'Sunstorm' series

'Sunstorm Rose' - click image

Sunstorm White With Eye' - click image


Catharanthus 'Terrace Vermillion'

ht: "tall"
fc: reddish-orange, that is vermillion or close to it, large white eye or zone (larger than most white eyes)
ft: very large, overlapping, obtuse petals
lc: darker green, glossy
fd: 2.0 in.
bt: up to 1 week earlier than most strains

Catharanthus 'Tropicana'

bt: early from seed
ft: large, rounded flowers
lc: very dark green
or: Waller Genetics CA USA

Catharanthus 'Tutti Frutti'

ht: 12 in.
fc: mixed colors, most with a red or white eye
wholesale source: (online catalog 2002)

Catharanthus 'Victory'

ht: 6-8 in.
fd: to 2.0 in.
bt: earlier from seed than older strains
lu: more heat tolerant than some older strains