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Cestrum 'Newellii' at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, blooming nicely in July 2003. The bay-like, very dark leaves and dark purple stems are of wonderful substance and character. The thick, waxy red inflorescences are quite different for a bedding plant as this was and is used elsewhere. It is really a tropical shrub and can be grown (among other species of the genus) in USDA zones 9-10 as a woody landscape plant. One is more apt to run into the genus for the first time in a large conservatory planting where various taxa are cultivated to floral perfection. The particular cultivar  has been around since 1876 but is truly a new plant for most of us.

Birds and insects of various types are attracted to the flowers and often to any fruits that develop. Most are fragrant too.

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Cestrum 'African Dawn'

fc: dark crimson red
frc: red
fd: very large
or: Hammer. it is related to C. 'Newellii' and probably an improved clone of it.

Cestrum 'Compact Purple'

ha: compact, shrub
fc: purple
ft: tubular corolla
in: Kartuz Greenhouses (online catalog 2002)

Cestrum x cultorum 'Cretan Purple'

fc: presumably purple
or: probably a hybrid with C. parqui

Cestrum elegans 'Longiflorum' (var. longiflorum Francey)

fd: at least 1.0 in. long - species averages 0.75 in.

Cestrum elegans 'Smithii' (var. smithii Bailey)

fc: pink

Cestrum 'Golden Night' (C. noctorum x C. diurnum)

fc: light buds open yellow to bronzy-gold

Cestrum 'Goldspire' (C. aurantiacum x C. nocturnum?)

fc: golden yellow (much like C. aurantiacum)
ff: rich scent as C. nocturnum

Cestrum 'Moon Glow' (C. parqui x C. aurantiacum)

fc: lemon yellow
bt: long bloom season - all year indoors
ff: rich scent
frc: black
lc: dark green
or: Kartuz Greenhouses before 2001

Cestrum 'Newellii' (probably C. elegans x ?)

ht: 3m tall
fc: bright crimson or orange-red - superior to C. elegans
lc: dull green
ls: lanceolate
frc: purple
or: Mr. Newell of Downham Market, Norfolk, England before 1880. Parentage unknown.
aw: RHS FCC 1876, AM 1951, AGM 1993

Cestrum roseum 'Ilnacullin'

fc: pink
ns: may be the same as C. elegans 'Smithii'. They are said to be similar at least.

Cestrum 'Penlee'

ns: a listed name from the RHS HORTICULTURAL DATABASE 2002.

Cestrum violaceum 'Woodside White' = Lochroma cyaneum