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Allumigold - pyramidal to conical as 'Allumii' but yellowish-green in new growth
Aurea - pyramidal, compact, slower, rich golden-yellow all year. Some plants under the name are 'Lutea'
Aurea Densa - dwarf, pyramidal, swirling tiny sprays like a C. obtusa, rich golden yellow, grows 1-3cm a year
Aurea Nova - pyramidal, greenish-yellow becoming yellow, more green in winter. More cold hardy.
B.D. Edginton - upright, compact, yellow, 5m tall when 2m wide.
Boeri - columnar, slow, leaves yellowish-green to yellow but not bright nor very showy, green in winter
Broomhill Gold - columnar, yellow becomes more lime green. A proven hedging clone.
Chantry Gold - wide pyramidal, bush, yellow. A good hedge choice.
Chingii - upright pyramidal, compact, yellow.
Dutch Gold - conical, soft refined foliage, golden yellow all year
Ellwood's Gold Pillar - columnar, slowish, compact, yellow
Erecta Aurea - conical, very vertical sprays as Platycladus, rich golden-yellow, it can burn in sun and winter wind
Elegantissima - broadly conical, new growth bright golden yellow. See 'Hillier's Elegant' for an imposter under this old name.
Golden King - pyramidal, branches open and drooping, tips golden yellow. US stock is often 'Golden Showers'
Golden Showers - pyramidal, compact, rich golden-yellow all year, drooping branches
Golden Spire (Columnaris Aurea) - columnar, golden-yellow
Golden Weeping - erect, branches very pendulous
Golden Wonder - narrowly pyramidal, vigorous, golden yellow
Gracilis Aurea - pyramidal, drooping tips, rich golden all year
Hillieri - conica,, very dense, sprays often parallel and erect, bright yellow, a tad less hardy
Ivonne - conical, neat form, bright gold in summer
Kelleriis Gold - upright, yellowish-green to yellow
Lanei (Lane)  - broadly conical, sprays dense but plumose, rich golden-yellow
Lemon Pillar - columnar, yellow
Lemon Queen - upright, conical, slowish, yellow
Limelight - dwarf to slow, light yellow to lime green
Lutea - columnar (narrower than true 'Aurea'), bright golden-yellow than 'Aurea'
Luteocompacta - semi-dwarf to 1.5m, dense, conical, clear yellow
Lutescens - conical, vigorous, quite compact in time, very similar to 'Lutea'
Minima Aurea - conical, dwarf, golden yellow, sprays erect
Moerheimii - conical, vigorous, new sprays golden, becoming greener
Moonshine - upright, yellow
Moonsprite - pyramidal, bright yellow
Naberi - conical, moderate vigor, unusual light sulphur yellow color that turns a frosty white in winter.
Nicole - conical, slowish, light yellow become cream to yellow shades, more gold again in winter
POT OF GOLD (Golden Pot) - upright, neat outline, golden-yellow
Romana (Aurea Romana) - columnar, yellow, 5-7m tall in time
Royal Gold - upright, 10cm growth a year, yellow all year
Smithii (Lutea Smithii?) - pyramidal, very dense, neat in outline on older plant but irregular in youth. It is open in warmer climates.
Stardust - broadly columnar, yellowish-green as if dusted in pigment
Stewartii - conical, golden-yellow, more green later, sprays very drooping with age, a bright and elegant tree
Supernova - upright, flame-like, golden-yellow, very bright
Susan - upright, golden-yellow all year
Treasure Island - globose, miniature, true dwarf at just 0.3 in. growth a year, yellow
Ven's Yellow - conical, 30 ft. in time, bright yellow. An Australian selection.
Westermannii - pyramidal, dense, tips drooping, new growth yellow, later green. Older trees with little vigor are barely colorful.
Winston Churchill - narrowly pyramidal, dense, rich yellow, improved over some stock sold as 'Lutea'
Yellow Cascade - conical, drooping tips, yellow
Yellow Transparent - pyramidal, often slow shrubby, new growth light golden-yellow, bronzes much in winter


Atrovirens - pyramidal glossy dark green
Billwoodiana - drooping branches. Probably lost.
Darleyensis - narrowly pyramidal, nice silvery-green leaf. A gold clone like 'Lutea Smithii' is found under this name.
Dik's Weeping - columnar, stiffly weeping, green foliage
Dow's Gem (Dow's Variety, Noble's Variety) - low feathery spreading to weeping, very Thuja like, gray-green
Duncanii - low, weeping to thread-like mound, blue-green but looks green overall, wider than tall
Emerald - globose, shrubby, dark green
Emerald Spire - columnar, rich green
Erecta Viridis (Erecta) - columnar to narrowly pyramidal, branches vertical, a nice bright grass green color makes it stand out. It is replaced by Leyland cypress in some areas.
Filifera - conical to globose, shoots slender, thread-like, a semi-pendulous tree over time.
Filiformis - open, thinnly branches tree with long sprays 12-14 in. long, lighter green and far sparser than true 'Filifera'
Filiformis Compacta - mounded to subglobose, thread-like branches in blue-green. It resembles a Thread Sawara except none of them are so blue.
Forsteckensis - subglobose to mounded, it reverts to a vigorous form and plants of both smaller size (30cm 10 years) and much faster are known.
Gimbornii - dwarf, very uniform subglobose to broadly conical, very dense, dark blue-green but appears green from a distance
Gnome - subglobose, dwarf, green
Gracilis - pyramidal, branches spreading to drooping, dark glossy green, leaves smaller than species.
Gracilis - a variant of 'Gracilis' that is more drooping yet
Grayswood Feather - columnar, feathery, erect sprays dark green
Green Hedger - conical, very dense, vigorous, a nice bright green shade. One clone (imposter) is dark green.
Green Globe - compact, dwarf, subglobose in time, mounded when young. It may be the same or very similar to 'Gnome'
Hollandia - pyramidal, vigorous, branches horizontal, very rich and dark green color, sprays often fan-shaped, very cold hardy in Holland
Imbricata Pendula - broadly pyramidal, branchlets all thread-like, light green, and very pendulous, sprays can reach 1m long!
Intertexta - pendulous, dark green, often too sparse to be appealing
Kilmacurragh - narrowly pyramidal to columnar, very dark but bright green color. It resembles thw widest Cupressus sempervirens Stricta Group at a distance.
Little Spire - columnar, twisted and spiralling, dark green, slow but very picturesque when well grown
Nana - globose, dense, old plants more conical
Miki - broadly conical, cord-like sprays
Minima - globose, dwarf, sprays often vertical as in Platycladus or at least more erect. It branches from the base unlike 'Nana'
f. pendula - weeping with elegant drooping tips, colors vary in green shades to some faintly blue or yellow. Occurs in the wild.
f. pendula 'Pendula Vera' - more pendulous with even the main branches drooping - not just the tips
Pioneer - columnar, dense, rich green. Found in an old cemetary. It could be 'Erecta Viridis' but may be a new selection.
Pottenii - narrowly pyramidal, semi-juvenile sprays, rich sage green
Pyramidalis - columnar to fastigiate, this name has been applied to various ultra-narrow clones
SPRINGTIMEPBR- dwarf, globose, lime to light green, Ellwood-type foliage
Tamariscifolia - spreading mound, usually lacking a central leader, very Thuja-like in appearance, older plants may be more subglobose
Warenga - conical, rich lime green
Witzeliana - fastigiate to narrowly columnar, very vertical sprays, rich dark green color. It is slower, neater, and darker than 'Erecta Viridis'.
Youngii - pyramidal, sprays loose and slightly twisted, fern-like overall, glossy dark green foliage all year. Resembles a C. obtusa and it's 'Filicoides'


Allumii - dense, columnar, branches erect and spirally upwards, sprays more flattened, steel blue soft foliage. A very distinct plant
Azurea - 'Alumii' sport that is bluer yet, slower, and with flatter sprays
Beissneriana - pyramidal, vigorous, rich blue-green
Bleu Nantais (Blue Nantais) - broadly columnar, 4-5 ft. (10 years), feather, bright blue color
Blom - columnar, dense, vertical planes rich blue-green foliage
Blue Gown - pyrmidal, rich bluishgray to blue. Proven as a showy hedge.
Blue Jacket - broadly pyramidal to conical, compact, blue-green, nice silver markings below
Blue Mountain - conical, neat, rich blue color
Blue Plume (Plumosa Glauca) - broadly columnar, flat blue sprays
Blue Surprise - conical, slower, juvenile type foliage, silvery-blue
Booth - upright to oval or subglobose, more blue-green
Bregeon - dwarf, globose, cord-like blue-green shoots
Coerulea - densely pyramidal, blue-green, sprays somewhat more erect than normal
Columnaris - columnar, vertical blue sprays, narrower than 'Alumii' 
Elegant Pearl - globose, semi-dwarf, whorled sprays, drooping tips, blue-green, 4 x 6 ft. when young
Ellwoodii - ovoid to conical, dense, distinctly plumose and ornate, blue-green. There are many sports and clonal forms of it.
Ellwood's Improved - a US selection with a slower, more richly silver-blue spray
Ellwood's Nymph - dwarf, just 3cm growth a year, blue-green
Ellwood's Pygmy - subglobose, semi-dwarf, juvenile plumose as 'Ellwoodii', rich silvery-blue, 40cm in 20 years or so
Erecta Glaucescens - columnar to narrowly pyramidal, blue-green
Fletcheri - conical, dense, very plumose, semi-juvenile or intermediate divergent leaves, nice blue-green color.
Fraseri - columnar, often very dense, gray-green to blue-green. It has been confused with 'Alumii' in the trade
Gillingham - upright weeper, 7m tall x 4.5m wide, rich blue foliage, not dwarf as 'Gillingham Blue'
Gillingham Blue (NOT Gillingham) - dwarf, flat globose to mounded, greyish-green to blue-green
f. glauca - a collective name for blue seedlings which also occur in the wild, making it a good botanical taxon.
Grayswood Pillar - fastigiate in blue-green to bluish-gray, one of the narrowest of all clones known today. Looks like a Skyrocket Juniper from a distance.
Greycoat (Argentea Smithii) - conical, tips nodding, rich silvery-grey foliage
Juvinalis Stricta - narrowly pyramidal, rich blue-green, intermediate plumose sprays.
Kooy - columnar, blue
Lycopodiodes - dense, contorted, grayish-green but appearing a bit green
Minima Glauca - semi-dwarf, subglobose, sprays more erect near the apex, nice blue-green color. It forms elegant fans of foliage in time.
Monumentalis - narrowly columnar, a nice rich light blue foliage, dense in most cases
Nana Glauca - subglobose, sprays erect, semi-dwarf. It is said to differ from 'MInima Glauca' but we are unsure in what ways.
Oregon Blue - vigorous, broadly conical, very bright silvery-blue. Popular for a vigorous blue hedge in the NW US.
Pembury Blue - narrowly pyramidal, informal at times, tips erect, very light grayish-blue
Pick's Dwarf Blue (Dwarf Blue in part) - globose, semi-dwarf, just 2 ft. in 10 years, blue-green, flat sprays
Pygmaea Argentea - dwarf, dense, subglobose to conical, tips white, later green
Silver Dome - shrubby to globose, silvery-blue
Spek - narrowly pyramidal, vigorous, rich grayish-blue. Some plants under the name are greener and are 'Pyramidalis'
Thrarandtensis Caesia - semi-dwarf, irregular bush to spreading mound, tips often thread-like at first, rich gray-blue
Triompf van Boskoop (Triumph of Boskoop) - broadly columnar, sometimes open, vigorous, richly colored in blue
Veitchii Glauca (Glauca Veitch) - pyramidal, branchlet tips decurving to spreading, very light blue color
Wisselii - tufted and twisted pyramid, slower, irregular outline in time, dark blue-green, known for numerous cones. Some plants have an outline like a Hollywood juniper.
Wissel's Saguaro - columnar, twisted with cactus-like branching, 4 in. growth a year,  nice blue color. A sport of 'Wisselii'.


Albospica - narrowly pyramidal, tips creamy-white
Albovariegata - dwarf, dense, conical, mottled white to cream. Forms a loose informal globe up to 60% chimera.
Allumii Magnificent (Allumii Magnifica) - conical, blue-green with cream new growth
Argenteovariegata - bold white sectors, strong unlike 'Albovariegata'
Argenteovariegata Nova - white sectored, sunscald resistant. Probably lost to gardens.
Armstrongii - pyramidal, green mottled in cream
Barry's Silver - dwarf, upright, white new growth becomes silvery-blue. Roly Barry found as sport of 'Silver Queen'
Ellwood's Splashed - erect, dense, mottled cream on dark blue-green to about 30%
Ellwood's White - erect as 'Ellwoodii' but mottled cream. It burns in both sun and winter light
Fleckellwood - erect 'Ellwoodii' type (plumose of course), mottled creamy-white to 45%, reverts much. This is New Zealand clone
Flether's White - vigorous, conical, marked cream to 50% or more, it less likely to burn than some others
Handsworth Park - upright, branches drooping, blue-green mottled cream
Hughes (Hughesii) - 4.5m tall x 3.5m wide, blue-green mottled white, a New Zealand clone. Latin version of the name is surely invalid.
Hillier's Elegant - conical, yellow tips, later mottled silvery to gray, frosted in appearance. Sold as 'Elegantissima'. This is Jaconson's name for it.
Konijn's Silver - conical, irregular to mounded at time, mottled cream to white at 45% a nice blue-green spray
Nana Albospica - subglobose, dwarf, sometimes irregular and open with age, greenish-white in new growth, sometimes more grey than variegated.
Pygmaea Argentea (Backhouse Silver?) - dwarf, subglobose, tips very creamy-white, contrasting with dark green older foliage
Schneeball - globose to flat mound, heavily marked white to 50%
Silver Queen - pyramidal, broadly so in time, new gowth creamy to silver, later yellow-green to frost grayish-green. It is very unique type of shading.
Silver Threads - narrowly conical to 3m, mottled white to 25% or so, Ellwood-type foliage
Silver Tips - whitish new growth
Snow Flurry - semi-dwarf, slower, intermediate type foliage, mottled cream to 50% or more
Snowhite (Snow White) - dwarf, white tips
Summer Snow - conical, usually a bit open, creamy-white new growth
Whitewater - narrowly pyramidal, strong, drooping tips, heavily marked cream to white, occasionally more yellow in shade


Aureospica - new growth yellow, inner and mature foliage mostly green, yellow-tipped more than yellow
Aureovariegata - some branchlets all yellow, others typical, conical
Blue Empire - narrowly pyramidal, blue with gold sheen, 6 inches growth a year
Cream Glow - slower and smaller than 'Ellwood's Gold', creamy-yellow colors
Eclipse - narrowly columnar as 'Columnaris', mottled yellow to 50% or more
Ellwood's Gold - narrowly erect and plumose as 'Ellwoodii' but new tips yellow, contrasting nicely with a darker green inner core.
Gold Flake - as 'Ellwoodii' but mottled yellow to cream, columnar to conical
Gold Splash - 'Fletcheri' sport mottled yellow to 60% on rich blue foliage.
Goldregen - narrowly upright, open, semi-drooping tips, new growth marked and flushed yellow in open ferny sprays
Green Pillar - columnar green, yellowish new growth
Handcross Park - subglobose, dense, mottled yellow on dark gren to about 40%
Hannah's Gold - bun-shaped, shrubby, green mottled with gold
Mondonga Park - filiferous (thread-bearing) sprays, dark green mottled yellow
Stilton Cheese - blue mottled yellow.
Sunkist - drooping, green mottled with gold
Treasure - 'Ellwoodii' sport marked cream to light yellow at 20% or so. It is very subtle
Versicolor - broadly conical, slower than species, sprays mottled yellow to cream, other sprays yellow below and light green above, variable and mixed shades.
Waitomo - globose, thread-like sprays, drooping tips, green mottled cream, 4 ft. x 4 ft. as young plants. 'Duncanii' sport


Argentea Smith - silvery gray
Argentea Waterer - upright, sprays short, silvery-gray
Chief - a listed name in the US 2004.
Fascination - a listed name in the US 2004.
Louver - a listed name in the US 2004.
Marianne - a listed name in the US 2004.
Ringelaar - a listed name in the US 2004.
Sandy - a listed name in the US 2004.