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Clerodendrum 'Blue Butterfly' = C. myricoides 'Ugandense'


Clerodendrum bungei 'Herfstleu'

ns: tentatively accepted name in the RHS HORTICULTURAL DATABASE 2002. Description needed.

Clerodendrum bungei [margined]

lc: irregularly white margined with sectors going deep into the blade, perhaps 30-45% of surface.
li: Yokoi, M. and Y. Hirose. 1978. Variegated Plants. Siebundo Shinkosha Pub. Ltd.

Clerodendrum chinense 'Pleniflorum' (C. fragrans 'Pleniflorum')

ht: 5-8 ft. tall (outdoors)
ha: shrub, spreading by stolon or root suckers. Can be invasive in warm climates
st: numerous white hairs
ld: semi-evergreen (CA)
fc: light pink overall. Calyx is purplish-red.
ft: double
infl: flat heads simialr to Hydrangea macrophylla
ff: clean, sweet scent. It fills a greenhouse with its perfume.
ll: to 10 in. long
ls: broadly ovate
lm: serrate
ch: 8
aw: RHS AGM 2002

Clerodendrum cryptophyllum

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The late JC Raulston, the most amazing plantsmen many of us every met, loved to fill his garden with all sorts of odd and rare species to delight the student and visitor of all levels of experience. Having walked that garden over 20 years (living a blessed 5 minutes away), I was delighted to see this one put on a powerful show for the first time in summer 2003. The red flowers are bright for a genus usually known for only bright fruit or foliage. While it may never become the next Lagerstroemia for summer red color, it provides a spectacular tropical look like no other. It seems hardy in USDA 7b which means more people can try it than might be imagined before.


Clerodendrum fragrans 'Pleniflorum' = C. chinense 'P.'


Clerodendrum kaichianum

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Clerodendrum kaichianum is a very rare woody species of this genus. It grows here in the Culberson Asiatic Arboretum of Duke Gardens in Durham NC (USDA 7) where it seems more than hardy enough. It resembles a shrubby, multi-trunked Catalpa with flatter inflorescences. This colony of them is impressive on close inspection but I think it would be even nicer several times the size. A whole grove on a hillside or alone a wooded line would be something else! LCH.


Clerodendrum myricoides 'Ugandense' ('Blue Butterfly', C. ugandense)

ht: 3-5 ft. indoors but 10 ft. outdoors where fully hardy
ha: shrub
ld: evergreen (CA)
fc: light and dark blue combination. Close up it gives 1 violet-blue petal with 4 very light ones. Blue stamens are
fc: long, curving, and very showy up close.
fd: 1.0 in. long
infl: terminal panicle
lc: dark glossy green
ll: 4.0 in.
ls: obovate
lm: serrate to dentate
aw: RHS AGM 2002
ch: 25 deg. F.
ns: once considered a species, it proves to be garden selection of this species.
eval: it is one of the finest tropical shrubs for blue flowers, especially for conservatory use.

Clerodendrum paniculatum 'Borneo Sunset' (8/4)

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JC Raulston Arboretum. July 2004. This plant was used as a summer tropical display with many rich tones and textures. A plant like this can and should be repotted in fall (where not hardy) and
used in containers in future years for summer color. Some gardens with a large conservatory reprop tropicals every year or two for bedding, leaving the original shrubs for indoor displays.

lc: reddish-purple becoming greener with age
fc: bright orange

Clerodendrum paniculatum 'Pagoda'

ht: 4-6 ft.
fc: orange
infl: panicles 1-2 ft. long

Clerodendrum philippinum 'Pleniflorum' = C. chinense 'Pleniflorum'


Clerodendrum quadriloculare 'Brandon' ('Brandonii')

ha: about half the species' growth rate
lc: dark green mottled lighter green with cream margins, becoming more yellow in sun.
or, pat: US#12140 to Mark Herndon of Ft Lauderdale FL USA 10/9/2001. It was a sport found in 1995.
in: Black Olivr East Nur. Ft Lauderdale FL USA
ns: the patent application uses this name but lacking evidence of pre-1959 publication it cannot be allowed.

Clerodendrum quadriloculare 'Starburst'

fc: white and purple
so: (online catalog 2002)

Clerodendrum thomsoniae 'Variegatum'

lc: creamy white margined, somewhat more yellowish in new growth, often with light green base color.
fc: bright red and white (as species)
lu: long a popular conservatory plant for its multicolored flowers and stunning foliage.

Clerodendrum trichotomum

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I spotted this rich violet-flowered tree through the woods. It was too late for a full show of crapemyrtle and ran to it, nearing dropping my tripod and camera twice. Here at the Sandhills College Horticultural Gardens this 15 footer does very well (USDA 7b) and fruits to perfection as you can plainly see. The species is not fully cold hardy in USDA 7-8 so they are apt to be 8-15 feet in such climates. This is the best plant I know in zone 7 so it was a joy to photograph for you. LCH.


Clerodendrum trichotomum [BSWJ4896]

fc: sepals white - species typical is pink
or: collected by Crug Farm UK on Island of Shikoku (online catalog 2001)

Clerodendrum trichotomum var. fargesii 'Carnival'

fc: as var. fargesii, that is white and pink to red.
lc: variegated in some manner. We have not seen it.
lv: as fargesii, that is smooth unlike var. trichotomum
ch: as var. fargesii which has proven more cold hardy - USDA 8, perhaps 7b with protection.

Clerodendrum trichotomum [white margined]

lc: margined white
ls: blades irregular
li: Yokoi, M. and Y. Hirose. 1978. Variegated Plants. Siebundo Shinkosha Pub. Ltd.

Clerodendrum trichotomum [white mottled]

lc: mottled white
li: Yokoi, M. and Y. Hirose. 1978. Variegated Plants. Siebundo Shinkosha Pub. Ltd.

Clerodendrum trichotomum [yellow margined]

lc: margined yellow
ns: this may be what Glasshouse Works has sold as 'Marginatum', a name that is likely not valid.
li: Yokoi, M. and Y. Hirose. 1978. Variegated Plants. Siebundo Shinkosha Pub. Ltd.

Clerodendrum trichotomum [yellow mottled]

lc: mottled and light sectored yellow
li: Yokoi, M. and Y. Hirose. 1978. Variegated Plants. Siebundo Shinkosha Pub. Ltd.