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var. involucrata
'Logan Calhoun'
ht: 8-12 in. tall x 48 in. wide
fc: white - species is bright pink to magenta.
ft: cup-shaped
in: 2000 to US trade
or, ns: found by plantsman Logan Calhoun for which it is now named. It has been listed under C. alceaoides.


var. tenuissima
[Yucca Do #51-8]

J.C. Raulston Arboretum. June 2003.

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ht: 6-10 in. tall x 48 in. wide
fc: light lavender-purple, margined white, bicolored upclose or light pink from a distance. Not a harsh shade as most species
fc: variants.
bt: longer than some clones, up to 2 month in summer.
lt: as var. tenuissima blades more incised, lobed thread-like than var. involucrata. It is a pleasant, fine-textured plant.
lu: can be used like a trailing Geranium where cold hardy.
eval: this is the best colored clone of this superior, more interesting cut-leaved variety.
ch: USD 4-5
or: Yucca Do Nursery, collected at 7000 ft. in Coahuila, Los Lirios, Mexico.
so: Plant Delights