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Silver Leaf Group in all it's pewter, grey, and darkened jade
splendor. Click image to enlarge.

Cultivars are listed alphabetically regardless
of infraspecific taxa.

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f. hederifolium 'Arrowhead' - distinctly sagittate or arrowhead-shape blade
f. albiflorum - the name for any white-flowered stock of wild origin.
f. albiflorum 'Album' - white flowers and silver leaf. Some consider this the 'White Bowles Apollo' while others consider 'Artemis' the same group
f. hederifolium 'Antiochus' - flowers rose-red over well-marbled foliage.
f. albiflorum 'Artemis' - white flowers with a double gray shield. The RHS PLANT FINDER 2003-4 considers this the 'White Bowles Apollo'
f. hederifolium Bowles Apollo Group - flowers rich pink to rose-red, much improved over species typical. The foliage is often nice tinged pink to red.
f. albiflorum 'Coquette' - white flowers with nice but faint purplish-lavender picotee or just pink tints. Leaves silver marked.
var. confusum - leaves larger and thicker than typical var. hederifolium. Flowers are larger too. Possibly a polyploid given all these traits.
f. albiflorum 'Cotswold White' - white flowers with a narrower leaf in 2 tones of green.
f. hederifolium 'Daley Thomson' - pink flowers up to twice the size of species typical
f. albiflorum 'Discovery' - flowers a very pure white and large to 3.5cm wide. Leaves are green and gray mix.
'Duftende Selektion' - a listed name from Germany.
f. albiflorum 'Ellen Corker' - flowers white tinged salmon-pink, fading somewhat purplish.
f. hederifolium 'Elsie Thomas' - flowers pink with white margin. Nicely marbled leaf.
f. hederifolium 'Fairy Longbow' - a listed name from the UK.
f. hederifolium 'Fairy Rings' - light green with rings of dark and light green on each blade. Medium pink flowers.
f. hederifolium 'Green Elf' - very small leaves (about 3cm long) that are more hastate. Light pink flower.
f. hederifolium 'Highfield' - notable for a more glossy green leaf.
f. hederifolium 'Island Scented' ( 'Scented', 'Island Scented Form' in part) - a more fragrant strain from the Corfu Is.
f. hederifolium 'Joy's Choice' - foliage in 2 tones of silver.
f. albiflorum 'Linnett Longbow' - a recently listed name from the UK (Linnett Farm Plants)
f. albiflorum 'Linnett Stargazer' - a recently listed name from the UK (Linnett Farm Plans)
f. hederifolium Long Leaved Group - a collective name for narrower, elongdated blade types
f. hederifolium 'Monstrosum' - wider, nearly fasciated flowers. Use of a Latin name in this case is probably not legitimate.
f. albiflorum 'Nettleton Silver' - generously marked silver but less heavily near the apex than 'White Cloud'.
f. hederifolium 'Oliver Twist' - a listed name. Description needed.
f. albiflorum 'Perlenteppich' - pearly white to white tinged pink flowers. Said to be a very refined coloration.
f. hederifolium [red/red flowered] - various red or rose-red flowered strains, being the darker side of things. 'Ruby Glow' is one named strain.
f. hederifolium 'Rosenteppich' - leaves oval, less lobed than some variants. Flowers varible with seedlings from pink to magenta-red shades.
f. hederifolium 'Ruby Glow' - flowers rich magenta-red with dark green leaves with few markings. Thought to be selected from the variable 'Rosenteppich' strain.
f. hederifolium 'Silver Cloud' - strain with variable but usually good amount of silver markings
f. hederifolium 'Silver Foil' - a listed name, presumbly with ample silver markings of some kind
f. hederifolium Silver Leaf Group - collective name for various seedlings that are at least 70% grey to silver marked. A nice One is shown above.
f. hederifolium 'Silver Shield' - strong silver shield on a dark green blade. Leaves are usually 7-angled.
f. hederifolium 'Solid Silver' - a listed name, apparently the most extreme of the Silver Leaf Group
f. hederifolium 'Stargazer' - flowers pink and facing mostly upright (not horizontal or drooping). It is very different but perhaps less charming.
f. albiflorum 'White Cloud' - white flowers with silvery cast leaves. More silver at the apex than 'Nettleton Silver' which has been lumped with it.