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Dalea greggii

Atlanta Botanical Garden. June 2003. The "trailing indigo bush" is unique for foliage effect in the entire garden. There is no showier legume for silvery-blue foliage in my opinion. The minuter leaflets are metallic and bright behind the ability of even this good photograph to convey all the effects.

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ht: 12-15 in. tall x 24-36 in. wide, larger in hot climates. Often seen as a summer annual now.
lc: rich silvery-blue
fc: purple, hence the common name "trailing indigo bush"
fd: 0.5 in. clusters
lu: very heat and sand tolerant. Handles desert and xeroscape conditions with ease.


Dalea purpurea 'Stephanie' (9/02) ht: 15-18 in.
ha: more upright than species typical
fc: bright rose-lavender
fq: to 40 inflorescence per plant
lc: darker than species typical
in: Great PlantsŪ Program 2002
or: Dale Lindgren, NE USA found in wild 1988.


Dalea villosa 'Sandhills Satin' (9/02) ht: 16 in.
fc: pink
ft: drooping head
lc: silvery-green
ch: USDA 4