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Deutzia scabra 'White Slash'- click image
Raulston Arboretum. April 2003. This delightfully mottled cultivar is apparently different from D. crenata 'White Splashed' which may or may not prove to be ordinary 'Mamorata' of older literature and collections. We have not been able to check the flowers yet to determine if the species affinity of D. scabra is correct. There are many variegated Deutzia circulating around, leaf size and chimera density varying widely with the selection of cuttings.
Deutzia 'Strawberry Fields- click image
Raulston Arboretum. Spring 2003. This is one of the best of the pink cultivars and I suspect may become at the top of many people's list of any cultivar in the genus. Note the wide but still reasonably subtle picotee on each flower. This is a true "wow" plant and a slope full of them would simply overwhelm.



(white unless otherwise specified)
Albomarginata gracilis single (identical to species) White margined leaf.
Alpine Magicien purpurascens single, light pink, small diameter but very floriferous Glasnevin Bot. Gard.
Arcuata x elegantissima pink buds open white  
Avalanche x lemoinei (possibly x maliflora) single, very floriferous, small clusters Dark green leaf. Elegant arching habit.
Aurea gracilis single (identical to species) Yellow foliage
Aureovariegata crenata single (identical to species) Foliage mottled medium yellow.
Boule de Neige x lemoinei single, pure white, dense globose clusters Dwarf, compact form.
Campanulata x rosea white, campanulate, showy purple pedical and calyx Erect, compact form.
Candelabra x candelabra single, larger denser panicle than parent D. gracilis More cold hardy than D. gracilis. Introduced by Lemoine 1909.
Candissima scabra double Froebel intro. c. 1867
Carminea x rosea single, light rose pink, reverse darker, small at 0.75 in. wide, large panicles Dwarf to 3 ft. tall. One of the best compact pink cultivars and a long-time favorite since 1900. RHS AM 1969.
CHARDONAY PEARLS 'Seward' gracilis white, pearl-like buds Leaves bright yellow but sunburn resistant. Source: pottedliners (online catalog 11/2003)
Codsall Pink = Godsall Pink      
Compacta x lemoinei single, white, dense cluster Compact habit. Similar to 'Boule de Neige' and perhaps the same clone.
Conspicua x elegantissima single, pink buds open white, globose corymb,  
Contraste x hybrida single, star-like, rose-purple with contrasting stripe, darker stripe on reverse  
Defica x magnifica   A new listed name from Europe.
Deple x candida   A new listed name from Europe.
Dippon crenata   A new listed name from Europe.
Eburnea x magnifica single, campanulate, loose open inflor.  
Elegantissima x elegantissima single, pink buds open white flushed pink, erect corymb Sharply acuminate leaf. Typical clone of the cross. RHS AM 1954
Erecta x candelabra single, erect inflorescence. Distinct from the D. x magnifica cultivar.
Erecta x magnifica single, large upright panicle RHS AM 1931
Eximia x rosea bright pink buds open white with pink reverse. Resembles a pink form of D. gracilis overall. Dark bronze-green new growth.
Fasciculata x elegantissima single, white tinged pink outside. From Lemoine.
Fastuosa x candelabra   A older cultivar not of importance today.
Fleur de Pommier x maliflora single, pink fading to white, 20-30 flowers per cluster, petal margins slightly frilled Lemoine intro.
Flore Pleno (Plena, Rosea Plena) scabra double, tinged pink to rose-purple on reverse Fortune intro. to west from Japan 1861.
Godsall Pink (Codsall Pink) scabra double, clear pink One of the best and most popular pinks
Joconde x hybrida purple buds open white with rose-purple tints on reverse, 1.25 in. wide  
Latiflora x magnifica single, broad 1 in. flower, erect panicle RHS AM 1925
Lavender Time compacta lilac becoming lighter lavender D. compacta Graib is a good species name though it sounds otherwise.
Longipetala x magnifica single, narrow petal  
Magicien x hybrida rose-pink margined white, large purplish streak on reverse RHS AM 1969.
Marmorata (White Splashed?) crenata   Leaves heavily mottled creram to white to 80% of surface. Figured in Yokoi and Hirose's treatise. Based on their photo it is not the moderately mottled 'Summer Snow'. This sounds like the clone Heronswood Nursery has offered as 'White Splashed'
Marmorata gracilis single (identical to species) Leaves mottled yellow.
Mont Rose (MontRose) x hybrida single, rose-purple, crimped petal margins, showy golden anthers, floriferous Narrowly ovate, sharply dentate leaf to 3.5 in. long. RHS AGM 1957, AM 1971.
Nakaiana = D. gracilis var. nakaiana      
Nikko gracilis var. nakaiana single Compact, 2 ft. tall, 4-5 ft. wide, good flowering ground cover shrub, dark red fall color
Perle Rose x hybrida light pink, small diameter but very floriferous  
PINK-A-BOO™ ('Monzia') x hybrida single, rich pink, whiter center, star-like shape, dense clusters, Compact, 6-8 ft. tall. Dark red new growth can be showy. Monrovia Nursery intro.
Pink Charm chunii bright pink  
Pink Minor scabra single, light pink Compact, 2-3 ft. tall. Quality bright green blade. Duncan & Davies, NZ intro.
Pink Pompon x kalmifolia? full, pom-pom double, dark carmine buds open rich pink, darker on reverse. Dense and round corymb. Probably the most beautiful of the double pinks.
Plena = Flore Pleno      
Pride of Rochester scabra double, tinged light pink Ellwanger & Barry, Rochester NY
Punctata scabra single Leaves spotted white for off-season interest, showing 2-3 shades of green in the blade. Reverts often.
Rosea x rosea single, pink outside, lighter near white inside, short wide panicles Compact, 3 ft. tall. ovate-lanceolate to ovate-oblong 2 in. leaf.
Rosea Plena = Flore Pleno      
Rosealind x elegantissima single, dark carmine pink 4-5 ft. tall. Slieve Donard Nursery before 1962. RHS AM 1972.
Staphyleoides x magnifica single, petals reflexed, drooping panicle, reminding some of the genus Staphylea.  
Strawberry Fields   single, reddish-pink, distinct white picotee One of the best rich pink cultivars ever released. It is not a strawberry red  but you will want fields of it around. See photo above.
Summer Snow (Variegata) crenata single, floriferous Leaves mottled white, sometimes reverting to green.
Variegata = Summer Snow crenata    
Variegata scabra single Leaves mottled white
Veitchii longifolia dark lilac-pink, larger diameter than species typical RHS AM 1912, FCC 1978.
Watereri scabra single, 1 in. diameter, tinged pink outside  
White Splash scabra   Leaves irregularly mottled white. See photo above.
White Splashed = Marmorata? crenata    


Deutzia chunii
ha: compact mounded plants
ht: 5 ft.
fc: white to light pink showing yellow anthers
bt: July (NY)
lc: grey reverse
ch: 6
Roslyn Nursery

Deutzia crenata 'Summer Snow' ('Variegata')
lc: yellow green flecked white to grey green
ns: the Latin name 'Variegata' is not valid having originated after 1959.
li: Kanjiro Nursery Catalog April 1979: 23 (as var. variegata)
li: Hahn, C.R. and B.R. Yinger. 1983. Cultivars of Japanese plants at
li: Brookside Gardens. Arnoldia 43(4): 7.

Deutzia crenata 'White Splashed'
ht: 6 ft.
lc: irregular creamy-white sections to each blade. The markings are
lc: considerably larger and often more white than 'Summer Snow'.
Heronswood Nursery

Deutzia gracilis 'Nikko'
ha: compact mound or small globe
ht: 24-30 in. in 10 years
wd: 5 ft. in 10 years
fc: white
fq: very abundant compared to D. gracilis
bt: late May in most areas
afc: dark burgundy red
or: Japan
aw: Ohio Plant Selection Committee
aw: Gold Medal - Pennsylvania Hort. Soc.
so: Cummins Garden 201-536-2591
Roslyn Nursery
photo (US National Arboretum)

Deutzia 'Strawberry Fields'
source (Station House)

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