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Dichondra repens 'Emerald Falls'

AAS Trial Garden, JC Raulston Arboretum. June 2003. A less spectacularly but interesting companion for 'Silver Falls',.==

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ht: vine to 4-6 ft. long, easily kept smaller for hanging baskets
ha: trailing, spreading
lc: medium green to light silvery-green. The undersides which are often revealed as the leaves roll and convex
lc: are paler and more silvery-pubescent than the upperside.
ls: suborbicular to reniform
lu: the species is called "lawn leaf" and has been used in warm climates such as CA USA for a lawn substitute
lu: where sun is plentiful and water is not. It can even be mowed.


Dichondra repens 'Silver Falls'

Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Summer 2003. One often sees this plant in containers where is trails and cascades. Here the use to fill a difficult sharply acute corner is a perfect application.It just fills the space so richly and perfectly.

Like the skilled and artistic gardeners they are, the folks at the ABG know enough to leave the borders unchopped and pleasantly informal, extending irregularly onto the brick walk.

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ht: vine to 4-6 ft. long, easily kept smaller for hanging baskets.
ha: trailing, spreading. It has an almost spanish-moss quality if narrow streams of it are allowed cascade
ha: down from a windowbox or elevated planter.
lc: silver-green
ls: suborbicular to reniform
prop: seed strain
ns: listing it under D. argentea is a common trade error.
Pan American Seed (online catalog 2002)