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Eragrostis curvula 'Totnes Burgundy'

ht: 90cm - species is 100-120cm by most reports
ha: arching, graceful leaves
lc: tipped burgundy red, showy
fc: greyish
Beeches Nursery (online catalog 2001)

Eragrostis elliotii

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AAS Trial Gardens, JC Raulston Arboretum. July 2004.

ht: 36-40 in.
lc: powder blue
bt: May (Raleigh NC USA)
fc: inflor. very light tan when mature, light silvery-blue when immature
infl: open, airy, mist-like plumes
ch: USDA 7?
in: Tony Avent collected in southern GA. We do not believe it was in the US ornamental trade before his offers.
Plant Delights

Eragrostis elongata 'Elvera' (7/02)

ht: 30cm tall x 20cm wide
ha: dense, compact
lc: medium green
lw: 4mm (species is oftem 3.1-3.4mm) - wider
fc: lavender becoming purplish in the seed phase
or: Todd Layt, NSW as superior selection, more colorful, c. 1997
so: (online catalog 2002)

Eragrostis trichodes

ht: 2-3 ft.
ha: arching
infl: wide-spreading, open plume to 12 in. wide
Forest Farm