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Gardenia angusta (L.) Merrill = G. jasminoides

ns: this name is now used in some references for G. jasminoides. That taxonomic conclusion
ns: is not shared by NOS experts.

Gardenia jasminoides 'Aimee' = FIRST LOVE and 'Aimee Yoshida'


Gardenia jasminoides 'Aimee Yoshida'

ft: fully double
fd: large
bt: earlier blooming but continuing long.
or: possibly from Hawaii, but this name is much confused in the
or: the trade with some plants sold as 'Aimee' being the same as
or: FIRST LOVE of Monrovia.

Gardenia jasminoides 'Albomarginata'

lc: irregularly margined white
li: Yokoi, M. and Y. Hirose. 1978. Variegated Plants. Seibunda Shinkosha.

Gardenia jasminoides 'August Beauty'

ha: compact
ht: 6 ft. tall x 4 ft. wide
lc: brighter green
ft: double
ff: well scented
fd: 2.5 in. wide
bt: longer blooming period than species typical
Wayside Gardens

Gardenia jasminoides 'Aureovariegata' ('Variegata' in part)

click image to enlarge
Asiatic Arboretum, Duke Gardens, Durham NC. Summer 2003. One of the best, mostly highly colored
plants I've seen. Many plants of this stay stunted and dwarf, perhaps because of receiving too much
sun in summer.

lc: light yellow mottled and irregularly margined, later margined cream. Some leaves 40-60% chimera.
id: 'Variegata' of the US trade is either this clone of var. radicans 'Variegata', which is a spreading mound
id: with very small, white-speckled foliage.
li: Yokoi, M. and Y. Hirose. 1978. Variegated Plants. Seibunda Shinkosha.

Gardenia jasminoides 'Belmont' ('Hadley')

ha: compact, vigorous
ll: to 15cm long
fc: creamy white fading to yellowish cream
ft: full double, rose-like
ff: strongly scented
pat: US #93 in 1934
or: Walter E. Lenk

Gardenia jasminoides 'Candlelight' (12/99)

fd: larger than species typical
ft: double
ff: scented
Maas Nursery

Gardenia jasminoides 'Chuck Hayes'

ft: double similar to 'Mystery'
bt: may rebloom in fall
ch: more cold hardy in VA and NC
lu: notably more cold and heat tolerant in southern US states
or: Virginia Polytechnic Institute (VPI) where it proved more hardy
wholesale source (Nurseries Caroliniana)

Gardenia jasminoides 'Corsage' = 'Mystery'

ns: the name 'Corsage Gardenia' is usually 'Mystery'.

Gardenia jasminoides 'Daisy'

ha: low, compact
ht: 2-3 ft. tall x 2 ft. wide
ft: single
fd: 2.0-2.5 in. wide
bt: spring-summer, often reblooming in fall.
ir: said by Wayside to be white fly resistant
ch: more cold hardy
Wayside Gardens

Gardenia jasminoides 'Daruma' - click images to enlarge

Raulston Arboretum. Summer 2002 (top photo). May 2003 (bottom two photos).

ha: compact, semi-dwarf
ft: single, petals short and obtuse at the apex, stamens held closely to the corolla
fd: smaller than 'Kleim's Hardy'
ls: broadly oblong, often obovate, rarely suborbicular
la: distinctly obtuse, sometimes truncate or emarginate (notched), virtually
la: never acute or acuminate as other cultivars.
lt: thicker, especially on the margins
ll: 1.75-2.5 in. - much shorter
wholesale source (Nurseries Caroliniana)

Gardenia jasminoides 'Dirrs Select'

ft: single
fd: larger than 'Kleim's Hardy'
ch: more cold hardy
ns: may be 'Shooting Star' which is from Dirr and matches the description.
wholesale source (Nurseries Caroliniana)

Gardenia jasminoides FIRST LOVE™ ('Aimee' in part)

ht: 6-7 ft. - slighter larger than 'August Beauty' of similar age
fd: 2.5-2.75 in.
bt: earlier than 'August Beauty'
in: Monrovia Nursery 1992
ns: it is unclear whether 'Aimee' is the valid cultivar name or not
tm: Monrovia uses an unregistered TM for 'First Love'

Gardenia jasminoides 'Florida'

fd: mid-sized by modern standards

Gardenia jasminoides 'Fortuniana'

lt: blades thicker, leather
ll: larger blades than species typical
fc: white fading with yellow tints

Gardenia jasminoides 'Four Seasons' = 'Kimura Shikazaki'


Gardenia jasminoides 'Galee's White'

ha: 1-2m tall
fc: white, fading to yellow
ft: single
so: (online catalog 2002)

Gardenia jasminoides 'Galle's White'

ns: a listed name c. 2001. Probably an error for 'Galee's White'

Gardenia jasminoides 'Golden Magic'

ht: 3 ft. tall x 2 ft. in 3 years, larger with age
ft: full double
fc: white becoming deep golden yellow with maturity. Many cultivars
fc: if not most develop yellow shades but on this clone it is very
fc: consistant and attractive.

Gardenia jasminoides 'Griffith's Select' ('Grif's Select')

ha: dense, globose - more compact than 'Dirr's Select'
ft: single
fd: smaller than 'Shooting Star'
ch: more cold hardy than double cvs.
frq: abundant red seedheads in fall
or: Mark Griffith of Griffith Propagation Nursery of Watkinsville GA from
or: Chinese seed. Co-selection with 'Shooting Star'
wholesale source:
Nurseries Caroliniana

Gardenia jasminoides 'Hadley' = 'Belmont'


Gardenia jasminoides 'Hollywood'

pat: US #364 in 1940
or: Thomas H. Wright

Gardenia jasminoides 'Kimura Shikazaki' ('Four Seasons')

ht: 2-3 ft.
ha: dense, compact, semi-dwarf
ft: double of 'Veitchii' type
fd: 1-2 in.
ff: slighter less fragrant than 'Veitchii' according to Sunset Gardening
bt: very long bloom period as the name 'Four Seasons' implies. It is
bt: is actually more like spring, summer, and early fall in all honesty.

Gardenia jasminoides 'Kleim's Hardy' ('Klein's Hardy')

ht: 4 ft. tall x 4 ft. wide
ha: dense mound
fc: ivory white
ff: well scented
ft: single, waxy texture
fd: averaging 1.5 in.
ch: reliably zone 7 if protected from wind. Has tolerated 0 deg. F.
in: J.C. Raulston
Roslyn Nursery

Gardenia jasminoides 'Lace Lady'

ht: 1.5m tall x 1m wide
fc: pure, waxy white
ft: fully double, frilly, almost a lacy look

Gardenia jasminoides 'Magnifica'

fc: white, having pinkish tints with age

Gardenia jasminoides 'Miami Supreme'

ht: 6 ft.
ft: double
fd: 4-6 in. wide
bt: early. Spring continuing into summer (CA).

Gardenia jasminoides 'Michael'
Raulston Arboretum. Spring 2003.

ft: double, outer petals being larger with triangular and angled apices.
fq; floriferous
ir: white fly resistant
or: Joseph anmd Debbie Powell, Columbus GA USA, named for their son.

Gardenia jasminoides 'Mystery'

ht: 6-8 ft. in warmer climates, smaller elsewhere
ha: dense, compact when young. Older plants can get open, ratty.
lc: darker glossy green
fc: creamy white
ft: semi-double to full double
fd: 4-5 in.
ff: well scented

Gardenia jasminoides 'Ocean Pearl'

ht: 0.5m - semi-dwarf
fc: pure white
ft: double, but open, elegant, and slightly undulate as hybrid tea rose

Gardenia jasminoides var. radicans (G. radicans)

ht: 6-18 in. tall x 2-4 ft. wide
ha: spreading mound, more compact
ls: blades narrowly, ovate to broadly lanceolate
lw: 2-2.5 cm - roughly an inch
lc: darker, more glossy green. Usually smooth and much less rugose
fc: white
fd: 3-4cm - much smaller than modern cultivars of var. jasminoides

Gardenia jasminoides var. radicans 'Floreplena'

ha: spreading mound as var. radicans
ls: as var. radicans
ft: double - more so than typical var. radicans
fq: not very floriferous at one time but may bloom for months
ns: some stock of var. radicans is quite double so this cultivar
ns: designation merely assures one receiving the more petaled extreme.

Gardenia jasminoides var. radicans 'Margined'

ha: spreading mound as var. radicans
ls: as var. radicans
lc: dark glossy green with irregular ivory white margin
ns: the name 'Variegata' has been used for this marginate clone but
ns: we do not believe that is correct.
Glasshouse Works

Gardenia jasminoides var. radicans 'Variegata'

ha: spreading mound as var. radicans but often less vigorous
ls: as var. radicans (see above)
lc: dark glossy green, sectored grey, irregularly mottled and streaked white but
lc: with many leaves green even on non-reverted shoots. It is rarely
lc: more than 10% variegated on plants we have observed.
ns: the name 'Margined' is now used for the white-margined clone.

Gardenia jasminoides 'Professor Pucci'

ht: 2-3m in warmer climates, often reported 90-120cm elsewhere
ha: upright
fc: creamy-white, often fading a bit yellowish, not a clean white
fd: to 8cm - very large
ft: double

Gardenia jasminoides 'Raro'

ns: a listed name. Description needed.

Gardenia jasminoides 'Rosedown Beauty' (3/01)

ft: single, star-like
frq: numerous showy red seedheads in fall
or: Jane Symmes, Madison GA USA
wholesale source:
Nurseries Caroliniana

Gardenia jasminoides 'Shooting Star'

ha: upright
ht: 3-4 ft.
ft: single
fd: 3.5-4.0 diam. - larger than most single cvs.
ll: larger than species typical
ch: more cold hardy than double cvs.
or: Mike Dirr c. 1987 from seed received from China

Gardenia jasminoides 'Tahiti' = G. tahitensis, a single-flowered species


Gardenia jasminoides 'Veitchii'

ht: 3-5 ft.
ha: upright, compact, strong growing
ll: smaller blades
lc: brighter green
ft: full double
fd: 1-2 in. - smaller than modern doubles
ff: richly scented
bt: midseason (mid-spring) sometimes with a few blooms through fall.
bt: flowers appear in warm winters in the more gentle climates.

Gardenia jasminoides 'Veitch Improve' ('Veitchii Improved' invalid)

ht: 5 ft. - larger than original 'Veitchii'
fd: larger than 'Veitchii'

Gardenia jasminoides 'Veitchii Variegata'

ha: upright, compact as 'Veitchii'
ll: smaller blades as 'Veitchii'
lc: brighter green streaked white
ft: full double
fd: smaller than modern doubles
ff: richly scented

Gardenia jasminoides 'White Gem'

ht: 1-2 ft. tall
fc: creamy white
ff: well scented
lu: used for edging, a low fragrant hedge, or patio containers. It should
lu: replace var. radicans where floral fragrance is a premium.