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Gloriosa x greenii 'Wilhelmina Green' ns: a listed name for a hybrid. Description needed.


Gloriosa superba 'Africana' fc: light yellow and orange, bicolored
ft: tepals margins very undulate


Gloriosa superba 'Carsonii' = species? ns: a listed name. Gloriosa carsonii is one synonym of the species.


Gloriosa superba 'Citrina' fc: yellow, striped red, distinct from species typical in being more yellow


Gloriosa superba 'Lutea' fc: light yellow, lacking red
ft: tepals narrower than species typical by one report (unconfirmed)


Gloriosa superba 'Nana' ha: dwarf.


Gloriosa superba 'Rothschildiana'

Riverbanks Botanical Garden, Columbia SC. June 2004. This ornate and graceful cultivar made a wonderful summer bedding plant. Adults and children both noticed and played with it, hardly believing it was real. Click image to enlarge.

ht: 2m
ha: tendrils strong, larger and more vigorous than most selections
fc: bright red, yellow  to cream at the base. Species is tinged or marked orange rather than this bold red.
fd: larger than some species variants
ft: tepal margins distinctly undulate
eval: this is the best known cultivar of the species and has for years
eval: been the main representative of it in gardens. It is the standard.


Gloriosa superba 'Simplex' = species? ns: a listed name. Gloriosa simplex is a species synonym by most accounts
ns: though some regard it as a distinct entity.


Gloriosa superba 'Verschuurii' fc: distinct margin between the red and yellow zones on the tepals, giving
fc: a sharp, crisp look.
bt: later than species typical
Courier Climbers (online catalog 2002)