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Hydrocotyle 'Little Umbrellas'  
  ht: 4 in.
lc: blue-green, glaucous
fc: greenish
Hydrocotyle sibthropioides 'Crystal Confetti'

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Riverbanks Botanical Garden, Columbia SC USA. June 2004. A very lovely, refined plant that deserves much more attention.

  ht: 1 in.
ha: low, carpeting
lc: light to medium green margined cream becoming pink margined if given some sun. It is white margined in shade
ll: 1.0 in.
lu: it has merit in containers where overtopping plants while not shade it out completely. It has a look similar
lu: to variegated creeping charlie but a more cut leaf and less invasive or cascading ways. It has a very refined look
lu: is much underused by container designers today.
Hydrocotyle sibthropioides 'Variegata'  
  lc: variegated in some manner. Rare. We have not seen it.