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WHITE/CREAM Aeolus (Aioilus) - ivory-white
var. albulus
Ben Nevis - ivory white, double
Carnegie - pure white, of the favorite whites today. Known for the dense inflor.
L'Innocence - pure white
Madame Sophie, - white, double
Mont Blanc
Queen of the Whites
Snow White (Sneeuwwitje) - good clean white
White Festival - pure white, narrow corolla lobes give open refined look
White Pearl - pure white
YELLOW City of Harlem - light yellow to rich cream, later bloom, a classic
Yellow Hammer - light yellow
Yellow Queen - clear light yellow to cream, ages more yellow than City of Harlem
ORANGE/SALMON Gypsy Queen - salmon-orange, more yellow at the base, a lovely and useful color
Lady Derby - light salmon-pink
Odyesseus - orange-yellow, a very interesting and unique color
Orange Boven (Oranje Boven, Salmonetta, Orange Bowen) - light salmon-orange
PINK Anna Marie (Christmas Joy) - bright pink, one of the favorite pinks for many years
Chestnut Flower - light pink, darker stripe, double, colored like Aesculus
China Pink - light pink
Fondant - rich pink, darker veins, fragrance is better than some
Jan Bos (Jan Boss) - dark pink, corolla base paler pink, some green flowers at apex
Marconi - dark pink, valued for late season appearance
Pink Festival - very light pink, a nice compatible pale color. Narrower corolla lobes give it a finer texture.
Pink Pearl - light pearly pink, others report it is a dark pink. Polyclonal?
Pink Perfection - medium pink
Pink Royal
Pink Surprise - medium pink
Queen of the Pinks
Rosalie - bright pink, renowned for earlier bloom
Rose of Naples - blush pink, double
Splendid Cornelia - mauve to mauve-pink, darker veins, pearl pink margins
RED/VIOLET-RED Amsterdam - dark carmine-red
Distinction - rich violet-red
Hollyhock - dark red, double, reminding some of the popular perennial upclose
La Victoire - scarlet-red
Mulberry Rose - lilac lavender-rose to reddish-rose, more light red in effect
Red Magic - rose-red, white eye gives nice contrast
- rich violet-red, double, an interesting dark and full inflor.
VIOLET/PURPLE Blue Magic - bluish-violet, white center, very nice contrasts
Ostara - medium to light bluish-violet
Peter Stuyvesant - purple
Professor de Hertogh - dark purple, dense inflor, named for NC State Univ. expert
Purple Passion - reddish-purple
Queen of the Violets
Violet Pearl - lilac-purple
MID TO DARK BLUE Anna Liza - medium blue
Atlantic - dark blue
Bismarck - light blue, dark blue central lines, highly reflexed lobes
Blue Bird - medium blue, lighter blue margins
Blue Blazer - rich violet-blue
Blue Jacket
- dark violet-blue, some purple tints or stripes down the center, very florfierous inflor.
Blue Orchid - a listed name
Blue Star - medium blue, highly reflexed lobes
Delft Blue
- rich and medium violet-blue
King Codro - blue, lighter blue margins, double
King of the Blues - rich indigo blue
Kronos - very dark violet-blue, perhaps the darkest blue (2002), darker green leaf
LIGHT BLUE Hyacinthus amethystinus - 8-12 in., 12-20 nodding bells in light blue, naturalizes too
Blue Festival - light blue, violet tints
Blue Giant - light blue, darker veins and stripes, one of the largest corollas
Koh-I-Noor - very light blue, your basic icy-blue or bluish-white, a useful shade
Myosotis - light blue, resembling the genus of this name
Sky Jacket - light blue, white corolla base, double
LAVENDER/LILAC Amethyst - light lilac. A rose-red clone is also sold under this name
Grand Maitre - lavender
King of the Lilacs - light mauve
Lady Balfour - mauve, dark rose stripe or tints
Paul Hermann - light pinkish-lavender
Splendid Cornelia - mauve to mauve-pink, darker veins, pearl pink margins

Top Hit - pale lilac with pinkish tints
Concorde - RHS PLANT FINDER 1998 and not since
Edelweiss - RHS PLANT FINDER 1998. Probably white?
Madame Kruger - RHS PLANT FINDER 1998
Marie (Mary) - a listed name, said to differ from Anna Marie
Princess Margaret
Prins Hendrik - RHS PLANT FINDER 1998
Sunflower - yellow?