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Juniperus communis 'Argyrophylla'
lc: more silvery than species typical

Juniperus communis 'Arnold'
ha: vigorous, narrowly columnar
ll: very short
lc: gray-green
or: Germany. Apparently has no relation to the Arnold Arboretum where clones like 'Berkshire' originated.
li: Grootendorst, H.J. 1965. Dendroflora no. 2: 33.

Juniperus communis 'Arnold Sentinel'
ns: not sure if this is 'Arnold', 'Sentinel', both, or neither. Listed with Kenwith Nur. UK 2001

Juniperus communis 'Ashfordii'
ha: narrowly columnar to fastigiate, very dense
ll: 5-9mm
lw: 0.8-1.0mm

Juniperus communis 'Atholl'
ns: a listed name with Kenwith Nursery UK 2001

Juniperus communis Aurea Group ('Variegata Aurea', f. aurea, 'Aurea' in part)
ha: upright to some degree
lc: new growth yellow, becoming greener by summer
ns: this is a variable, polyclonal entity and worthy of a group name.

Juniperus communis f. aureo-spica Rehder = 'Canadensis Aurea'

Juniperus communis 'Aureovariegata'
ha: often slow or weak
lc: some leaves partly mottled yellow, more green in summer
so: it is probably out of cultivation. 'Tage Lundell' is a similar clone of modern origin.

Juniperus communis 'Bakony'
ha: upright and narrowly oval tree
ht: 2.5m
wd: 0.5m
ch: said to be more cold hardy and replacing 'Hibernica' where cold is a factor.
or: E. Barabits
li: Welch, H.J. 1979. Dwarf conifers. 213.

Juniperus communis 'Barton'
ht: 90cm tall x 150cm wide
ha: slower, semi-prostrate
lc: light gray-green speckled in white in summer

Juniperus communis 'Berkshire'
cvg: Montana as designated by Welch in 1979
ha: slow and bun-shaped or mounded and does not open like J. squamata 'Blue Star'
lc: blue green with showy and bright silver stomatal lines
rai: can replace J.squamata 'Blue Star' for better habit when aging though not nearly as blue
lu: one of very few junipers suitable for small rock gardens
or: Al Fordham Arnold Arboretum #814166 as 'Special' c. 1970. He found it near Berkshire MA USA.
li: Welch, H.J. 1979. Dwarf conifers. 213.
so: Cummins Garden 201-536-2591

Juniperus communis 'Blue Stripe' (10/02)
ht: 18-24 in. tall x 10 ft. wide
lc: distinctly striped blue
so, or:
Arrowhead Alpines found in xeric habitat

Juniperus communis subsp. depressa BLUEBERRY DELIGHT™ 'AmiDak'
sex: female
ha: dense and spreading
ht: 12-21 in. tall
lc: 'rich dark green needle color with contrasting silvery-blue lines on
lc: the upper leaf surface....One of few J. communis selections to
lc: retain good winter color.' (Herman 1991).
fst: female berry-like cones abundant and large like blueberries - hence
fst: the name.
or: ND State Univ. and Dr. Dale Herman in 1991 from populations in the
or: ND Badlands.
ns: originally published under var. depressa Pursh. but virtually all
ns: conifer taxonomists and woody plant floras now use the subsp.
ns: depressa status. Subsp. depressa is merely the New World
ns: version of subsp. communis of Europe.
tm: name appear with unregistered tm in literature below.
eval: distinct in trials at North Dakota State University
li: Herman
D. 1991. Brief Descriptions of Two 1991 North Dakota State
li: University Juniper Introductions. Landscape Plant News 2(4): 5.

Juniperus communis 'Brien'
ns: a listed name with Kenwith Nursery UK 2001

Juniperus communis 'Bruns' ('Obergaertner Bruns')
ht: 2.5m
ha: erect as 'Suecica', not always dense but very vigorous
lc: blue-green
ll: 15mm
lw: 1.5mm
dr: said to be more rust resistant
or: Timm & Sons, Germany before 1953 found in Sweden

Juniperus communis 'Brynhyfryd Gold'
ns: a listed name with Kenwith Nursery UK 200, presumably with golden foliage

Juniperus communis subsp. depressa 'Canadensis Aurea'
ha: low, spreading, much as the variety
lc: golden yellow in the new growth
id: 'Depressa Aurea' is not derived from subsp. depressa while this one is.

Juniperus communis 'Candelabrica'
ht: 3-4m
ha: smaller, pyramidal, compact, branchlets often drooping

Juniperus communis 'Columnaris'
ht: 2m in many years
ha: columnar, dense, slow
ll: shorter than species typical
lc: distinctly white bands above, glaucous green below

Juniperus communis 'Compressa'
ht: 1.2m in many years, most garden plants are 50-70cm tall
ha: dwarf, fastigiate, very dense
ll: 3-4mm long - very short
lc: distinctly silvery-green, a nice color
eval: a popular small conifer for rock gardens, larger containers, and smaller yards

Juniperus communis 'Conspicua'
ht: 3-5m
ha: upright-ovoid, compact, branchlets decurved at the tips
ll: 15mm
lc: distinctly banded silver

Juniperus communus 'Constance Franklin'
lc: mottled creamy white over most of the foliage
eval: Welch in his Conifer Manual states "deserving to be better known"
or: registered by E.C. Franklin with the RHS in 1982 as 'Hibernica' sport

Juniperus communis 'Controversa'
ha: columnar, dense
ll: 12-14mm
lc: blue-green below

Juniperus communis COPPER DELIGHT 'Reedak' (6/3)
ht: 15-22 in. tal x much wider
ha: dense, mounded
lc: lighter green than BLUEBERRY DELIGHT
from the same originator
afc: winter foliage a showy copper-bronze color
in, or: Dr. Dale Herman, North Dakota State University ND USA c. 2002

Juniperus communis 'Corielagan'
ha: low, mat-forming
lc: distinctly white-banded, overall blue-gray, a nice shade
ll: 8-12mm
or: Dr. Coombes found on west coast of Scotland before 1975
in: P. Foley of Bolton UK

li: Gelderen, D.M. van. 1985. Juniperus breed en plat groeiende cultivars.
li: Dendroflora 21: 3-33

Juniperus communis 'Cracovia'
ht: 2.5m in many years
ha: columnar, dense, much slower, branchlet tips nodding
ll: 10mm

subsp. depressa  - click image
US National Arboretum. Spring 2003. This is about typical of what the wild offers plus some variation for size and density. Compare this to the photo of 'Effusa'
below and you'll see how horticultural selection has changed the subspecies for the better. LCH.

Juniperus communis 'Depressa' = subsp. depressa

'Depressa Aurea' - click image

Juniperus communis 'Depressa Aurea'
ha: low-spreading, branchlets arching at perhaps 20-25 degree angle. Older plants
ha: may be vase-shaped
lc: yellow new growth becoming green tinged yellow, often yellow-bronze in winter
or: Welch says it is derived from European var. montana and not the American subsp. depressa. The clone version
or: of the North American subspecies is now called 'Canadensis Aurea'. The use of the epithet is an error or unfortunate.

Juniperus communis subsp. depressa 'Depressed Star'
ha: dwarf, spreading, older plants more vase-shaped
ll: 5-10cm
lc: green, bronzing in winter
eval: it is probably the best clone of the subspecies depressa group for general use.
or: Proefstation of Boskoop Holland 1967

li: Gelderen, D.M. van. 1985. Juniperus breed en plat groeiende cultivars.
li: Dendroflora 21: 3-33

Juniperus communis subsp. depressa 'Amidak' = 'Blueberry Delight'

Juniperus communis 'Derrynane
ha: very similar to 'Repanda'
frq: cones numerous
or: found in Derryname, Eire.
eval: Welch says it is not sufficiently distinct from 'Repanda' to be used.

Juniperus communus subsp. depressa 'Dumosa'
ht: 80-100cm
ha: dwarf, spreading
lc: distinctly banded silver, very showey

'Echiniformis' - click image
Gotelli Collection, USNA. Spring 2004. A much larger plant than usually seen in collections. It is more of a curiosity but quite a different thing among the junipers.

Juniperus communus 'Echiniformis'
ht: 25cm in many years
ha: extreme pygmy, bun-shaped, flat-globose
ll: 2-3mm - very short

Juniperus communis 'Edgbaston'
li: Welch, H.J. 1979. Dwarf conifers.

'Effusa' - click image
Dawes Arboretum. Summer 2003. This is a much overlooked spreader in the US.

Juniperus communus 'Effusa'
ht: 50-60cm
ha: dwarf, procumbent, spreading, some branchets erect.
ll: 5-10mm
lw: 1.5mm
lc: banded silver, often a rich bronze-brown in winter
id: it may be confused with 'Repanda' but the true clone has more erect shoots.

Juniperus communus 'Ellis'
ha: spreading, vase-shaped, much like 'Depressed Star'
id: denOuden & Boom say it differs from 'Depressd Star' in having 1) straighter branchlets at apex and 2) lighter leaf color.

Juniperus communus 'Erecta'
ha: columnar, narrower than 'Hibernica' overall
ll: 8mm
lw: 1mm

Juniperus communis 'Gew Glaze'
ha: spreading, slower and less prostrate than true 'Repanda'
ll: 10mm - larger than true 'Repanda'
lw: 2mm
lc: green, not bronzing in winter as most other spreaders will do
sex: female clone - 'Soapstone' is similar but male.
or: Dr. D.E. Coombe, Cambridge University selected from wild near Lizard, Cornwall

Juniperus communus 'Gimborn'
ha: prostrate, spreading, usually dense
ll: 5-8mm
lw: 1mm

Juniperus communis 'Gnom' (12/99)
ha: dense, tight columnar
lc: grey-green
ch: Thomsens of Denmark
so: wholesale source (J.C. Bakker)

Juniperus communus 'Gold Beach'
ht: 6 in. tall x 24 in. wide
ha: dwarf, spreading, apparently smaller than 'Depressa Aurea' which can become large in 10 years or less.
lc: yellow new growth becomes greener

'Gold Cone' - click on image

Juniperus communis 'Gold Cone'
ha: columnar to conical, quite dense like 'Suecica Nana'
lc: golden yellow becoming greener the second year. In hot climates it is a washed out yellow-green by summer.
or: New Zealand
so: Arrowhead Alpines 517-223-3581
so: email source at Porterhowse Farms

Juniperus communis 'Golden Schnapps'
ha: upright and loosely branched
lc: golden yellow
so: Arrowhead Alpines 517-223-3581

Juniperus communus 'Golden Shower'
ha: upright, pyramidal, dense
lc: yellow new growth becomes greener, then bronze-yellow in winter

Juniperus communis 'Golden Totem Pole' (8/02)
ht: 10-12 ft. tall x 1-3 ft. wide
ha: narrowly columnar to fastigiate, growing 2-3 in. per year
lc: new growth golden at the tips
or, so: Appalachian Nursery, PA USA as sport of 'Gold Cone'

Juniperus communis 'Goldenrod'
ns: a listed name with the RHS

Juniperus communis 'Graciosa'
ha: shrubby and well branched
st: twigs light brown
ll: 5-10mm

lc: light green
la: very sharp
tw: distinctly light brown
or: J. Konijn and Co. of Holland from seed

Juniperus communus 'Grayi'
ht: 2-3m
ha: narrowly columnar to fastigiate, branches very erect, dense.
ll: 5mm
lc: distinctly silver banded, facing upward for good effect

Juniperus communis 'Green Carpet'
ht: 4-6 in. tall x several feet wide
ha: low procumbent

gr: dwarf and thus suitable for rockeries
lc: medium green becoming darker in winter.
or: found Mr. Arne Byrne near Stavanger Norway
in: Bressingham Nur. c. 1984
li: Welch, H.J. 1990. The conifer manual. Kluwer Press. p. 348

Juniperus communis 'Haverbeck'
ns: a listed name with Kenwith Nursery UK 2001

Juniperus communis 'Heidegeist' ('Heath Ghost')
ha: vigorous, columnar, usually somewhat open
lc: silvery-gray
or: found at Luneberger Heath, Germany, having a grayish, ghostly appearance there.

'Hemispherica' - click image
Gotelli Collection, USNA. Spring 2004. A nice example slightly cascading over a rock.

Juniperus communis 'Hemispherica'
ha: dwarf, mounded as a hemisphere.
ns: Welch received the clone as var. montana so it may be under that name too.

Juniperus communus 'Hibernica' ('Stricta')
ha: columnar, dense, but often splits under snow and ice. The tips often stick out irregularly and thus it it not as neat
ha: as some denser clones.
ll: 5-7mm
lw: 1mm

Juniperus communus 'Hills Vaseyi' or 'Hills Vasey' = 'Vase'

Juniperus communus 'Hils Freiburg'
ha: low, slow growth, branchlets erect

'Hornibrookii'  - click image
Gotelli Collection, USNA. Spring 2004. This clone stays dense but even in early spring the color is not what other junipers will be (Parsons behind it stays green).

Juniperus communus var. saxatilis 'Hornibrookii' ('Prostrata' in part)
ht: 40-50cm tall x 150-200cm wide or more
ha: prostrate, dense, branchlets tips slightly erect
ll: 5-6mm

Juniperus communis 'Hornibrook's Gold'
or: M. van Kalveren & Son Boskoop Holland in 1979 as sport of 'Hornibrookii'. Welch thinks it may have sported from
or: 'Prostrata' as the two are confused.

li: Gelderen, D.M. van. 1985. Juniperus breed en plat groeiende cultivars.
li: Dendroflora 21: 3-33

Juniperus communis 'Horstmann'
ha: vigorous, pendulous, usually trained to have an erect trunk
or: Horstmann, Germany before 1990

Juniperus communus 'Hulkjaerhus'
ha: columnar, shorter and wider than 'Suecica'
lc: more green than most 'Suecica'
lt: less prickly than 'Suecica'
or: Thomsen Nursery, Denmark

Juniperus communis 'Inverleith'
cvg: Hornibrookii
ha: dense bush 'nearly as wide as high'
ll: small like other clones in this group
li: Welch, H.J. 1979. Dwarf conifers.

Juniperus communus 'Jackii' = var. jackii

Juniperus communus 'Jensen'
ha: pendulous, more vigorous than 'Pendula'
ll: shorter than 'Pendula'
lt: not as widely apart in whorls as 'Pendula'

Juniperus communus var. saxatilis 'Kelleriis'
ha: similar to the variety
lc: yellow or yellow-tinged
so: apparently lost to gardens.

Juniperus communis 'Kenwith Castle'
ns: a listed name with Kenwith Nursery UK 2001

Juniperus communus 'Kiyonoi'
ha: columnar, slower, very short branchlets, like a miniature 'Hibernica'
lc: dark green - much darker than 'Hibernica'
lu: said to be more heat tolerant than 'Hibernica' in Japan

Juniperus communus 'Laxa'
ha: erect, compact, ovoid to columnar. It is apparently a lax column?
lc: yellow-green

Juniperus communus 'Lemon Spire' (10/02)
ha: miniature, upright, columnar, something like a 'Compressa' with yellow tips
lc: yellow, especially in new growth, banded silver

Juniperus communus 'Little Pyramid' (10/02)
ha: miniature, columnar
lc: silver-green

Juniperus communis 'Loensgrab'
ht: 65cm tall x 50cm wide
ha: dense, pendulous, wider than most other weepers
lc: light green
ll: 6mm

Juniperus communus 'Mayer' ('Suecica Major', 'Meyer')
ht: 3m
ha: broadly pyramidal, a very good shape for gardens
lc: silvery-green
or: Erich Mayer, Germany as selection of var. suecica type c. 1945
in: J. Timm & Co, Germany to trade

Juniperus communis 'Mckay's Weeper'
ha: weeper or spreading ground cover
ht: 50cm high x 1m wide in 4 years
lc: grey-green
so: source (Cedar Lodge Nursery)

Juniperus communus var. saxatilis 'Minima'
ht: 30-40cm
ha: dwarf, prostrate, somewhat irregular, branchlets very short, a very small version of the variety and sometimes
ha: found under that name in Europe.
ll: 4-10mm - very variable
lw: 0.5-2.0m
ls: strongly incurved

Juniperus communis var. nana = var. montana

Juniperus communus 'Nana Aurea'
ha: dwarf, spreading to prostrate, sprays fan-shaped at times, some plants are quite weak compared to other gold clones
lc: golden-yellow banded silver, bronzing in winter. There may be 3-5 different colors in winter.
prop: roots poorly according to Welch
or: Europe before 1884

Juniperus communus 'Niemannii'
lc: stems and leaves reddish-brown at first
ll: 3-10mm
lw: 1.0-1.5mm
ls: often boat-shaped, long-pointed, keeled
frc: cones glaucous-black
frs: cones globose to obloing

Juniperus communis 'Norwegen'
ha: narrowly columnar, more vigorous than 'Compressa'
ch: quite cold hardy as the origin would suggest.
or: found in wild in Norway

Juniperus communus 'Nutans'
ht: 1.0-1.5m in many years
ha: narrow, slow, branchets erect with only tips nodding, very dense
st: distinctly brown
ll: 10-12mm
lw: 1mm
lc: distinctly silver banded

Juniperus communus 'Oblonga Pendula'
ht: 3.0-3.5m
ha: upright, horizontal main limbs, tips very pendulous. It is substitute for the better J. rigida 'Pendula' for colder climates.
ll: 15-18mm - rather long
lc: silvery-green to light green, bronzed in winter

'Pencil Point' - click image
Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, Richmond VA USA. Spring 2003.

'Pencil Point' - click image
Gotelli Collection, US National Arboretum. Spring 2004. Like most columnar common junipers, this cultivar does not always age so gracefully.

Juniperus communus 'Pencil Point'
ha: narrowly fastigiate, remaining dense with age, the apex is often sharp (pencil-shaped) and acuminate
lc: rich silvery blue-green, numerous stomatal color showing

Juniperus communus 'Pendula ('Reflexa Pendula')
ha: pendulous tips, branches often very long
lt: whorled, far apart
eval: 'Oblonga Pendula' seems more popular today.

Juniperus communus 'Pendula Aurea'
ha: pyramidal overall, branches drooping
lc: golden yellow new growth

Juniperus communus 'Pendulina'
ha: tree-like, central trunk, horizontal main limbs, branchlets droop as Picea breweriana.

Juniperus communis 'Ploem'
ht: 3-5m in many years
ha: columnar, very dense, branchlets short and tightly packed
lc: blue-green, distinctly banded
ll: 8-10mm
li: Grootendorst, H.J. 1965. Dendroflora no. 2: 34.

Juniperus communus 'Prostrata'
ht: 20-30cm tall x 150-200cm wide or more
ha: dwarf, prostrate, forming a dense cover, main stem often curved over as with J. horizontalis 'Wiltonii'. It is said to
ha: to be more vigorous than 'Hornibrookii'
lc: silver-green, distinctly banded, brownish in winter
ns: some plants sold as 'Depressa' belong here.
or: Rettig 1894 found in mountains near Jena, E. Germany

Juniperus communus 'Pyramidalis'
ha: broadly pyramidal, wider than 'Hibernica'
lc: less blue than 'Hibernica'
in: Hesse Nurseries, Germany 1908

Juniperus communus 'Repanda'
ht: 20-30cm tall x 150-200cm wide or more
ha: prostrate, dwarf, dense, sometimes globose as older plants, good for small gardens and rock gardens. It has a
ha: very appealing way of having many shoots over-topped and all pointed outward at the same angle.
ll: 5-8mm
lc: silvery-green, well-banded, slightly tinged bronze in winter
id: it is apparently polyclonal and some are referrable to 'Effusa'
or: M. Pritchard, Pritchard Nurseries, Ireland before 1934

Juniperus communis 'Ruud'
ha: semi-erect with long weeping limbs
lc: silvery green
or: Rego R. Ruud before 1977 under Northern Telemark of Norway
in: by Ruud to trade in 1971
rd: RHS 1977 by E. Ruud of Sogne Norway

Juniperus communus 'Saxatilis' = var. saxatilis Pall.

Juniperus communis 'Schneverdinger Goldmachangel'
ha: much like 'Hibernica'
lc: new growth golden yellow, holding this color on the tips most of the summer
ll: 11mm - larger than most
dr: Krussman reports it is less susceptible to fungal damage

Juniperus communis 'Sentinel' ('Pencil Point')
ha: narrowly columnar and dense over many years, like a larger and stronger 'Compressa'
ht: 10 ft. tall x 2 ft. wide

gr: 3-6 in. per year
lc: blue-green to silver green
ch: better than 'Compressa' in colder areas
or: Sheridan Nurseries, Ont. Canada before 1963

Juniperus communis 'Sieben Steinhauser'
ht: 80cm tall x 20cm wide (10 years)
ha: narrowly columnar, dense
lc: bright blue-gray
ll: 9mm
or: Germany c. 1980

Juniperus communus var. saxatilis 'Silver Lining'
ha: prostrate, a cultivariant of the variety, that is lower on average
ll: 8mm - larger than 'Hornibrookii' which is resembles in habit
lc: silvery-green, well-banded and facing up for good view. It has more of a silver lining than many other spreaders.

'Silver Mile' - click image
Dawes Arboretum. Summer 2003. One of the best of the vase-like clones available today.

Juniperus communus 'Silver Mile' ('Silver Miles')
ha: dense, pendulous by one report. All plants seen to date are broadly vase-shaped as in the photo above.
lc: silvery-green
or: Hines Nurseries, CA USA c. 1995

Juniperus communis 'Silver Mist'
ns: a listed name with Kenwith Nursery UK 2001. presumably J. conferta 'Silver Mist' which resembles this species.

Juniperus communis 'Smith River' (10/02)
ha: mat-like
lcv: silvery-gray to blue
or: collected near south fork of Smith River in early 1980's.
in: Californi c. 2001

Juniperus communis 'Soapstone'
ha: spreading, low
ll: slighter shorter than 'Gew Glaze'
lc: reddish-bronze in winter unlike 'Gew Glaze' from the same populations
sex: male - unlike similar clone 'Gew Glaze'
or: Dr. D.E. Coombe, Cambridge University collected in wild near Lizard, Cornwall

Juniperus communis 'Spotty Spreader'
ha: mat-like
lc: some cream-mottled branchlets, but not very bright nor showy

Juniperus communus var. suecica 'Suecica'
ht: 8-12m for the larger variants and half or third for others. Welch says the typical cultivar of gardens is much like
ht: 'Hibernica'
ha: columnar to broadly pyramidal to ovoid, quite variable with climate or perhaps the clone. Named variants are more
ha: uniform and predictable.
lc: blue-green
ll: 8mm (some clones)
lw: 1mm (some clones)
frq: often cones freely and thus appealing
frs: cones oblong - less globose than some others

Juniperus communus 'Suecica Aurea' = 'Gold Cone'

Juniperus communus var. suecica 'Suecica Nana'
ht: 1m in many years
ha: dwarf, columnar, much like 'Compressa' overall. It sometimes has multiple apices or peaks that separate out from
ha: the mass, like joined towers.
ll: 4-10mm
lc: blue-green
ch: more cold hardy than 'Compressa' and said to be more wind resistant.
id: Welch reports that while Bailey described a dense, 'Compressa'-like plant, this name in England is applied to a
id: much looser, "freer-growing" version of 'Compressa'. He states some of the clones may be 'Columnaris' of Hornibrook.

Juniperus communis 'Tage Lundell'
ha: dwarf, upright conical to columnar
ht: 6 ft. tall x 2 ft. wide
lc: bright green with yellow tips or with leaves all yellow or just partly yellow.
or: Tage Lundell, Sweden - a European juniper expert
in: Horstmann Nur. of Germany
so: Porterhowse Farms

Juniperus communus 'Taurifolia' provisional name
ha: compact, very dwarf, similar to 'Compressa' and not better than it as far as anyone knows.
li: Mitsch Nursery Catalog 1977: 6

Juniperus communus 'Templehof'
ht: low, globose to shrubby, dense
lc: bronzed in winter and somewhat showy for this
or: Konijn Nurseries, Holland c. 1966

Juniperus communus 'Tigerstedtii'
ha: pyramidal, branches spreading and elongated, tips pendulous

Juniperus communus 'Vase' ('Vasey'?, 'Vase-shaped')
ht: 5-6 ft. (10 years)
ha: compact, vase-shaped, tips decurved. It is good upright-arching shrub at about a 60 degree angle. It is not dwarf
ha: as sometimes stated.
ll: 8-12mm
lc: dark blue-green, boldly banded silver, dark brown tints in winter. The contrast of green and silver is very strong.
or: D. Hill Nursery, IL USA before 1936

Juniperus communus 'Velebit'
ht: 25cm tall
ht: slower, low shrub, often open
ll: 10-13mm
lc: bronze-green, distinctly banded, bronzer in winter

Juniperus communis 'Vemboe' (12/99)
ha: vigorous, columnar
lc: blue-green
ch: Thomsens of Denmark
so: wholesale source (J.C. Bakker)

Juniperus communus 'Volcano'
ha: dwarf, vase-shaped
lc: silvery-gray
or: Sweden found in a park
in: Draijer Nursery, Holland to trade

Juniperus communis 'Wallis'
ha: upright and dense with arching limbs and nodding tips
or: selected by Draijer Nursery of Holland
in: Bressingham Nur. c. 1981

Juniperus communus 'Weckii'
ha: upright, narrow
lt: whorls of 2 or 4, reflexed
ll: 15-22mm - very long
frc: cones 4-5mm wide - very small

Juniperus communis 'Wilseder Berg'
cvg: Hibernica or Irish
ha: upright
lc: not bronzing like 'Hibernica'
ch: better than 'Hibernica'
3px Cup
or: Germany
li: Welch, H.J. 1990. The conifer manual. Kluwer Press. p. 348.

Juniperus communis 'Windsor Gem'
cvg: Montana
ha: like 'Minima' but slower, somewhat procumbent with age
ll: like 'Minima' but shorter
lc: darker green than 'Effusa'

or: named by Humphrey Welch from undocumented plants at Windsor Great Park
li: Welch, H.J. 1979. Manual of Dwarf Conifers. p. 218

Juniperus communis 'Zeal'
ha: slow, leaves very upright
lc: dark green with distinct silver bands, both colors being shown due to the leaf angle, overall dark blue-green
or: found in garden in Devon England