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Kadsura japonica 'Alba'
frc: white


Kadsura japonica 'Chirifu'
ns: a name listed in the 2002 RHS HORTICULTURAL DATABASE.


Kadsura japonica 'Chirimen'click image to enlarge
Photo take at the Japanese Garden, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Richmond, Virginia. June 6, 2003. It is a bit glossier from the recent rainfall.
st: reddish at first, adding nice contrast to the two or three leaf colors.
lc: mottled and marbled white, not boldly so, sometimes unstable or reverting.
lu: in aspect it is something like a spreading or vine-like variegated Leucothoe.


Kadsura japonica 'Fukurin' ('Fukurim', 'Variegata' in part)click image to enlarge
Photo taken at the White Garden, Raulston Arboretum, Raleigh NC. June 2003. A particularly well grown plant given some support by a stake and a strong rock wall. They can ramble aimlessly for years so some direction of this type is usually helpful if you want a more visible, vertical foliage mass. This plant has endured 110 degree/95% humidity summers as well as 1-2 feet of snow and comes through like a more familiar and durable broadleaf.
lc: margined cream to light yellow, somewhat irregularly so but uniform enough to please the eye.
eval: the best cultivar for overall cultivation.


Kadsura japonica 'Shiromi'
lc: irregularly and broadly margined cream to 25% of surface, more chimera at the apex
frc: white(?)
id: a variegated clone of this name is sold by
esveld. nl among others. See their site for a good photo.
id: this photo resembles what is grown in the US as 'Fukurin' thought we have not compared them side by side.
id: Some references state that 'Shiromi' is simply white-fruited. Whether this is based on confusion or
id: incomplete knowledge we do not yet know. Please write the society office if you can shed some light.


Kadsura japonica 'Tricolor'
lc: speckled yellow to cream, pinkish in new growth
id: while 'Chirimen' has red stems the new growth is not always very pink at all. This clone is thought to be distinct enough though we have never seen them side by side.


Kadsura japonica 'Variegata' some='Fukurin'
ns: the Japanese cultivar names have priority if not historical accuracy.


Kadsura japonica [white margined - twisted leaf]
ls: slightly twisted
lc: margined white
id: this is apparently not 'Fukurin' which usually has a straight blade.
li: Yokoi, M. and Y. Hirose. 1978. Variegated Plants. Siebundo Shinkosha Pub. Ltd.