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  Kalimeris incisa 'Alba'  
fc: white


  Kalimeris incisa 'Blue Star'  
fc: presumably blue


  Kalimeris incisa 'Variegata'  
ht: 36 in.,
lc: variegated cream
ns: this name is not in literature and is likely not legitimate.


  Kalimeris pinnatifida 'Hortensis'  
ht: 28-36 in.
fc: pure white - species is white tinged pink or blue. Center light yellow.
ft: semi-double, mum-like
bt: long display - up to 12 weeks in some trials.


Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. June 2003. One of the densest and best plantings we've seen. Click image to enlarge.

Kalimeris yomena 'Aurea'  
ht: 12 in.
lc: margined golden yellow to lime-green to cream - varies much. Reversions occur as one might expect.
fc: lavender-blue
fd: 1.0 in.
ch: 7
ns: this cultivar is margined while 'Shogun' is more distinctly mottled.


  Kalimeris yomena 'Fuji Snow'  
ht: 18 in.
lc: suffused white and pink
fc: lavender
so, in:
Heronswood Nursery to US trade 2001


  Kalimeris yomena 'Shogun' ('Variegata', 'Variegated')  
lc: mottled cream to white, often becoming more yellow by summer.