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Ocimum basilicum 'Magical Michael' really does have magic in the genes. This patch at the AAS trials in Hampton Roads Virginia really got our attention and we've seen plenty of new, "miracle" basil strains over the years.  Lets get a list going: high oil content for culinary flavor, neat compact form, uniform quality from seed, quick maturity from seed (50 days), dark leaf, and finer foliage texture. And one more thing: showy purple and white flowers that are both ornamental and edible in salads! This convergence of so many good qualities had taken centuries of herb breeding and we are fortunate to recommend this cultivar to you now. Just one in a patio pot should be enough for average family. At 10-15 inches tall and wide why not go for two?

In fairness to this 2002 AAS winner, the blooms here had just started to pop their corollas but hopefully you can get an idea of how nice the colors can be.

Click image to enlarge.



Ocimum 'African Blue' = O. x kilimandscharicum 'African Blue'


Ocimum 'American Blue'

ht: 36 in.
lc: blue-green with red veins
ns: may be a variant of O. americanum

Ocimum americanum 'Lemon' = O. citriodorum 'Lemon'?


Ocimum americanum 'Lime'

ht: 30 in.
lc: dark green
flavor: lime scented
lu: DeBaggio Herbs recommends using it with fish.

Ocimum americanum 'Mrs. Burns' ('Mrs. Burn's Lemon')

ht: 36 in. tall x 24 in. wide
flavor: citrus type with slight clove hints
fc: white to pinkish
ll: larger than O. x citriodorum 'Lemon' with which it is compared
lu: popular for adding to salads and even ice tea. Debaggio Herbs says it is terrific mixed
lu: generously (after fine chopping) with ground beef to create a sumptuous burger.
Sunny Boy Gardens

Ocimum basilicum 'Album'

fc: white
li: Tucker, A.O. and T. DeBaggio. 2000. The big book of herbs. Interweave Press.

Ocimum basilicum 'Anise' = 'Licorice'


Ocimum basilicum 'Ararat'

ht: 14-18 in.
lc: dark green mottled in red or purple
flavor: sweet and spicy both, tending to be strong overall.
lu: very showy ornamental leaf that is lovely in salads (much like 'Thai Purple') or on the plant.
Thompson & Morgan 1999 but said by them to be an heirloom variety.

Ocimum basilicum 'Aussie Sweetie'

ht: 36 in.
ha: upright, even columnar
flavor: sweet
ll: smaller than modern commercial strains
or: Australia as least as the seed source
fq: non-flowering or very sparsely flowering, thus more suitable for culninary production.
Sunny Boy Gardens

Ocimum basilicum 'Baja'

ht: 18 in.
flavor: sweet cinnamon-type scent
ind: inflorescence larger than species typical
fc: white

Ocimum basilicum 'Basilico Greco'

ht: 15 in.
ha: mounding
flavor: non-bitter

Ocimum basilicum 'Blanca'

ha: compact
li: Tucker, A.O. and T. DeBaggio. 2000. The big book of herbs. Interweave Press.

Ocimum basilicum 'Bourdeaux'

ht: 18 in.
lc: purple
flavor: very mild, subtle
or: said to be Germany despite the name

Ocimum basilicum 'Broadleaf Green'

ha: vigorous
lw: wider blade than species typical
lc: green
flavor: sweeter flavor

Ocimum basilicum 'Bush'

ha: dense, compact
ns: may be same as 'Green Bush'?

Ocimum basilicum 'Bush Green'

ht: 9 in.
ha: compact, mounded, remaining neat all season. T&M compares it to a boxwood look.
ns: probably the same as strains sold as 'Bush' or 'Green Bush'
Thompson & Morgan

Ocimum basilicum 'Cardinal' (5/5)

ht: 24-30 in.
st: bright red, showy
lc: a few of the newest leaves red like the stems
so: Cook's Garden (online catalog 2005)

Ocimum basilicum 'Cinnamon'

ht: 20-36 in. - reports vary widely
st: brown to red, showy
ll: 2 in.
lc: matte green, not glossy like some cultivars with very distinct venation.
flavor: spicy cinnamon-scented, being loaded with
methyl cinnamate. Strong flavor is retained
flavor: even after cooking.
fc: bright lavender to light purple, rather showy
or: two reports trace it to Mexico

Ocimum basilicum 'Citriodorum' = O. x citriodorum 'Lemon'


Ocimum basilicum 'Comosum'

fc: purple
li: Tucker, A.O. and T. DeBaggio. 2000. The big book of herbs. Interweave Press.

Ocimum basilicum 'Compactum'

ha: compact
li: Tucker, A.O. and T. DeBaggio. 2000. The big book of herbs. Interweave Press.

Ocimum basilicum 'Compatto FT'

ha: more compact than 'Genovese'
flavor: similar 'Genovse', that is strong in the traditional Italian-style compounds.

Ocimum basilicum var. crispum ('Lettuce Leaf')

ls: lettuce-like, often crisped at the margins or more heavily toothed
ll: 3-4 in. - longer than var. basilicum as typical
lw: wider than var. basilicum
eval: cultivars 'Mammoth' and 'Napoletano' are improved commercial selections

Ocimum basilicum var. crispum 'Mammoth' ('Mammouth')

ll: 5-6 in. - one of the larger leaves of any selection, thus yielding more biomass per plants
la: blades are so large they often curve and pucker.
eval: popular for commercial production.
flavor: sweet
us: the British spelling of the epithet is also seen.

Ocimum basilicum var. crispum 'Napoletano'

ht: 24 in.
fq: slow-bolting, that is slow to flower, making it more productive for culinary harvest.
or: southern Italy
ll: to 5 in. long - very large and something like 'Mammoth'
lw: 4-5 in. - much wider than most cultivars
ls: puckered
flavor: similar to 'Genovse' in that traditional Italy spicy flavor. Anise and mint in faint levels.

Ocimum basilicum 'Cuban'

ht: 24-30 in.
ha: distinctly columnar, nice and elegant when well grown.
ll: slightly smaller blade than species typical
ls: more cordiform than species
flavor: cinnamon and clove scents
inflor: compact conical inflor. to 4 in. long, rather showy
fc: white

Ocimum basilicum 'Dark Opal'

ht: 12-15 in.
lc: dark glossy purple but sometimes mottled in green and not uniform. Green seedlings also
lc: occur and end up ruining the strain. Strong, fertilized plants can approach a blackish-purple
lc: look from a distance. In many plantings it ends up being purplish-bronze and not so dark.
flavor: strongly scented
or: Univ. of CT, Storrs CT USA
lu: popular for flavor as well as ornament. It adds red color to basil vinegar and gives color
lu: to salads and pesto sauces.
eval: 'Red Rubin' is regarded as superior (see below)
aw: AAS
Sunny Boy Gardens

Ocimum basilicum 'Difforme' (var. difforme Bentham) = var. crispum


Ocimum basilicum 'Dwarf Bush'

ht: 12 in. tall x 18 in. wide
ha: compact but not truly dwarf
ll: smaller than species typical
ns: there is little evidence to date to distinguish 'Bush' from 'Green Bush' and 'Dwarf Bush'

Ocimum basilicum 'Ebony Wonder'

ht: 36 in. tall x 24 in. wide
ha: mounded
st: dark reddish-purple
lc: dark purple with thin lime green margin
flavor: anise scent
fc: reddish-purple, showy
or: Debaggio Herbs selected from 'Purple Thai' before 2000

Ocimum basilicum 'Fine Leaf'

lc: light green
ll: smaller than species typical

Ocimum basilicum 'Fine Verde' = 'Picollo'


Ocimum basilicum 'Flat Top Purple'

ha: compact, presumably flat-topped
lc: purple
li: Tucker, A.O. and T. DeBaggio. 2000. The big book of herbs. Interweave Press.

Ocimum basilicum 'Francesco's Tall Green'

ht: 36 in. or more
flavor: strong sweet taste
or: DeBaggio Herbs (online catalog 2001)

Ocimum basilicum 'Genoa' or 'Genoa Green' = 'Genovese'


Ocimum basilicum 'Genoa Green Improved' = 'Genovese'


Ocimum basilicum 'Genovese' ('Genovese Verde Migliorato', 'Genoa', 'Genoa Green')

ht: 24-30 in.
ha: uniform from seed, taller and stronger than species typical
lc: dark green, often puckered or textured
ll: 3-4 in. - larger than species typical, but larger plants known to give 5 in. blades
lw: 2-3 in. - wider than species typical
flavor: stronger, more "traditional Italian" type flavor. Loved for its balanced taste that is not
flavor: too spicy nor overly sweet. Popular for pesto. One rarely goes back to unnamed basil
flavor: seed after cooking with this strain.
fc: nearly pure white
inflor: 6-8 in. tall
ns: the 'Genoa Green Improved' is not sufficiently distinct in our opinion to be separated.
Petes Herbs
Sunny Boy Gardens

Ocimum basilicum 'Genovese Compact'

ha: smaller than 'Genovse'
flavor: 'Genovse' type flavor, that is, rich of the Italian type flavor components.

Ocimum basilicum 'Genovese Grande Violetta' ('Italian Red')

lc: purple
lm: ruffled
li: Tucker, A.O. and T. DeBaggio. 2000. The big book of herbs. Interweave Press.

Ocimum basilicum 'Genovese O Comune'

ls: more narrowly acute than species typical and distinctly ribbed with sunken veins.
flavor: presumably of the 'Genovese' or "spicy Italian" type

Ocimum basilicum 'Genovese Verde Migliorato' = 'Genovese'


Ocimum basilicum 'Greek'

lc: green
lw: medium-sized
ns: one strain known as 'Columnar Greek' belongs to O. x citrodorum
li: Tucker, A.O. and T. DeBaggio. 2000. The big book of herbs. Interweave Press.

Ocimum basilicum 'Green Bouquet'

ha: compact
lc: dark green
ll: smaller than species typical
flavor: rich scented
id: similar to 'Picollo' and perhaps derived from it
Burpee 1983

Ocimum basilicum 'Green Bush' ('Compact Green Bush'?)

ha: compact
flavor: very aromatic
lc: green, sometimes reported as darker green
ns: likely the same as 'Bush Green' (see above)

Ocimum basilicum 'Green Globe'

ht: 24 in. tall x 24 in. wide
ha: uniform from seed, globose
lc: green
flavor: spicy

Ocimum basilicum 'Green Goddess'

ht: 18 in.
ha: globose, compact
lc: green
ll: smaller than species typical
flavor: rich, spicy

Ocimum basilicum 'Horapha'

st: purple
li: Tucker, A.O. and T. DeBaggio. 2000. The big book of herbs. Interweave Press.

Ocimum basilicum 'Italian Red' = 'Genovese Grande Violetta'


Ocimum basilicum 'Italian Dwarf' = O. 'Italian Dwarf'


Ocimum basilicum 'Karamanos'

ht: 17-24 in.
ha: neat, globose
lc: green
la: more pointed than species typical
flavor: belnd of anise, spices, and cinnamon
or: DeBaggio Herbs (online catalog 2001) from seed obtained in Greece by Chris and Popi
or: Karamanos and named for them.

Ocimum basilicum 'Lactucaefolium' = var. crispum or a very typical selection thereof


Ocimum basilicum 'Large Leaf Italian'

ll: much larger than species typical
flavor: rich Italian-type basil flavor
Park Seed

Ocimum basilicum 'Lemon' some= O. x citrioodorum and selectons


Ocimum basilicum 'Lemon Sweet Dani' ('Sweet Dani')

flavor: lemon-scented and sweet
ns: it is currently unclear which of the two names above has nomenclatural priority.
Park Seed

Ocimum basilicum 'Lesbos'

ha: columnar
flavor: spicy and also with fruity and floral notes
fq: said to be non-flowering
lu: said to very adaptable to indoor container culture. Reports of its affinity for bedding with
lu: 'Green Goddess' are purely fun rumors.

Ocimum basilicum 'Lettuce Leaf' some= var. crispum or perhaps one of its cultivars

ns: Tucker and Debaggio state that flat-leafed and crisped variants are sold under this name.

Ocimum basilicum 'Licorice' ('Anise')

ht: 24 in.
st: reddish-purple tints, semi-showy
ls: more cordiform or heart-shaped than species typical
fc: light pink
flavor: licorice or anise type scent, being high in the compound
methyl chavicol. Minty overtones.
id: 'Thai Purple' and 'Ebony Wonder' are also anise-scented but have distinctly colored leaves.
id: However, we have seen the so-called Anise Basil listed as a synonym of Thai basal. The
id: real 'Thai Purple' will be heavily mottled purple or red in the foliage while basic 'Licorice'
id: is not .

Ocimum basilicum 'Lime' = O. americanum 'Lime'


Ocimum basilicum 'Magical Michael' (6/02)

ht: 15 in. tall x 16-17 in. wide
ha: dense, compact, fine-textured, very uniform from seed
lc: dark green
fc: calyx purple, corolla white, a showy flower useful for flavorful garnishes as well as garden ornament
lu: high oil content for culinary use and also showy flowers and uniform habit. It is said to be ready for harvest
lu: in as little as 50 days from seed, while full maturity (complete shape, flowers) comes in just 80-90 days.
aw: AAS 2002

Ocimum basilicum 'Mammoth' ('Mammouth') = var. crispum 'Mammoth'


Ocimum basilicum 'Marseille' (5/5)

ht: 12 in.
ha: vigorous yet compact
lt: blade large and smooth
so: Cook's Garden (online catalog 2005)

Ocimum basilicum 'Mexican Spice'

flavor: spicy scent
li: Tucker, A.O. and T. DeBaggio. 2000. The big book of herbs. Interweave Press.

Ocimum basilicum 'Minette'

ht: 10-12 in. - very dwarf
ha: compact, dense, usually globose
lu: suitable for edging and knot gardens with the herbal theme. It is smaller than some of the
lu: other compact globose types. It needs good air circulation and soil drainage to keep it
lu: from rotting or worse.
Park Seed

Ocimum basilicum 'Mini Purple' = 'Minimum Purpurascens'


Ocimum basilicum 'Miniature'

ht: 12-15 in.
ha: compact globe
ll: much smaller than species typical
id: one grower reports that is quite different from 'Spicy Bush' but no specifics are given.
ns: it is probably allied to 'Minimum' if not the same.

Ocimum basilicum 'Miniature Puerto Rican'

ha: compact, globose
lc: green
lw: small blades
li: Tucker, A.O. and T. DeBaggio. 2000. The big book of herbs. Interweave Press.

Ocimum basilicum 'Miniature Purple' probably= 'Minimum Purpuracens'


Ocimum basicicum 'Minimum' ('Spicy Globe')

ht: 12-18 in. - in some gardens it is stays 4-8 in. tall
ha: compact, globose, usually very dense but sometimes splitting by the end of the year
ll: smaller than species typical
la: more sharply acute than species typical
flavor: spicy with hints of mint and citrus
ns: it has been said that 'Spicy Globe' is just a rename of the old 'Minimum' while others
ns: consider it distinct. Opinions vary but we have no clear taxonomic data to separate them.
ns: this cultivar is rather old so no doubt some variations have sprung up. There are numerous
ns: so-called dwarf or "perfect globe" strains with a much reduced green leaf. In our observation
ns: 'Minette' is a stable, uniform strain for extremely small statue and neatness.
Sunny Boy Gardens

Ocimum basilicum 'Minimum Purpurascens' ('Minimum Purpureum')

ha: globose, compact
lc: purple
ll: much smaller than species typical, often just 1 in. long or less.
ns: many of the globose, small-leaved purple strains belong to this cultivar. But for marketing
ns: reasons and due to the length of the name, other names have been preferred.

Ocimum basilicum 'Napoletana' = var. crispum 'Napoletana'


Ocimum basilicum 'New Guinea'

lc: green tinged dark purple
st: purple
la: "arrow shaped"
flavor: anise
fc: light violet with purple markings, showy
lu: DeBaggio Herbs grow it fro marinading fish including tuna.
or: Kim Kuebel TX USA from seed of New Guinea origin.
in: DeBaggio Herbs (online catalog 2001)

Ocimum basilicum 'Nufar'

ht: 24-30 in.
flavor: Genovese-type
dr: resistant to fusarium wilt which can be a problem in large commercial fields.
prop: F1 hybrid
in: DeBaggio Herbs (online catalog 2001)

Ocimum basilicum 'Osmin' ('Osmin Purple'?)

lc: purple
ll: smaller than 'Red Rubin'
Park Seed

Ocimum basilicum 'Picollo' ('Fino Verde', 'Picollo Fine Verde')

ha: globose
ls: more rounded blade than species typical
flavor: intense "traditional Italian" basil flavor, being rich in the compound

Ocimum basilicum 'Purple Delight'

ht: 12-14 in.
lc: uniformly dark purple from seed
flavor: sweet and spicy both
Thompson & Morgan 1999

Ocimum basilicum 'Purple Ruffles'

ht: 18-24 in.
ha: compact
lc: rich purple
ls: heavily ruffled and crisped
lu: popular for flavoring and color basil vinegar as well as a showy ornamental.
aw: AAS
ns: it is sometimes listed under O. x citriodorum. There have also been rumors that it derives
ns: from a cross to
Perilla frutescens 'Crispa' due to the similarity of the crisped purple leaves.
ns: The later account is likely untrue since it has none of the flavor of that related genus.
Thompson & Morgan

Ocimum basilicum 'Purpuracens'

lc: purple
ns: this is the original purple-leaved strain. Now it is rarely sold due to the popularity of the
ns: superior selections 'Dark Opal', 'Red Rubin', 'Purple Ruffles', and others.
or: known in gardens since 1832 when it was mentioned by George Bentham.

Ocimum basilicum 'Queenette'

flavor: aromatic of the Thai type flavor. The most aromatic Thai flavor per Richters.
eval: superior to 'Siam Queen' according to Richters (online catalog 2001)

Ocimum basilicum 'Red Reuben' = 'Red Rubin'

ns: perhaps a logical spelling error. We saw it first listed in the Univ. of TN trials.

Ocimum basilicum 'Red Rubin' ('Red Reuben', 'Rubin')

ht: 18-24 in. but one report to 36 in. exists
lc: dark reddish-purple, not reverting to green shoots as in 'Dark Opal' and not producing
lc: green seedlings like that and some other strains. It is darker than 'Dark Opal' overall.
ll: larger than 'Dark Opal'
flavor: sweeter flavor, being useful for vinegar or colorful garnish.
eval: replaces 'Dark Opal' for larger leaf (more productive), darker color, and lack of green
eval: seedlings and reversions.
fc: dark pink, rather showy
ns: there is one unconfirmed report it is cross of an O. basilicum variant x O. forskolei. If true the
ns: cultivar should be noted as Ocimum 'Red Rubin' without species epithet.
or: Denmark
Sunny Boy Gardens

Ocimum basilicum 'Rubin' = 'Red Rubin'


Ocimum basilicum 'Siam Queen' ('True Thai')

ht: 30-40 in.
st: reddish-purple
lc: purplish green, but mainly so in the new growth. One report lists it is as mostly purple but such
lc: only true of the stems. Mature leaves are bright green.
ls: elliptic to narrowly ovate, far narrower than species typical
flavor: of the Thai type with adding more intense licorise or anise scent.
fc: rose-violet, rather showy
aw: AAS 1997

Ocimum basilicum 'Special Select FT'

flavor: rich flavor without hints of mint
lu: a commercial variety used for making pesto products.

Ocimum basilicum 'Spicy Bush'

ha: compact, dense
flavor: rich spicy
ns: said to be distinct from 'Spicy Globe' = 'Minimum' but another report says it is 'Minimum'!

Ocimum basilicum 'Spicy Globe' = 'Minimum'


Ocimum basilicum 'Summerlong' (5/5)

ht: 10-12 in.
ha: compact, very high leaf count for such small plants compared to other dwarves
lc: bright green
fq: very slow to flower, giving longer leaf production in summer
so: Cook's Garden (online catalog 2005)

Ocimum basilicum 'Sweet' or 'Sweet Green'

flavor: something of a collective name for strains with a sweeter (vs. spicy or citrus) flavor

Ocimum basilicum 'Sweet Fine'

ht: 30-40 in. - much larger than most cultivars
ll: 3-4 in. - longer than species typical
lw: 1.5-2 in. - wider than species typical
flavor: sweet and spicy both with high
linalool content.
ns: it is related to 'Picollo' or 'Picolo Verde Fine'. As this name has been given the AAS aware we will retain
ns: this name for that specific strain.
aw: AAS

Ocimum basilicum SWEET SALAD™

lc: green, drying without blackening when harvested
flavor: mild and sweet but with cinnamon spice and clove flavors too.
lu: a leading strain for dried herb production according to Richters. Useful in pesto or salads.

Ocimum basilicum 'Sweet Thai'

st: purple
flavor: anise and clove scents.
ns: its relation to 'Purple Thai'

Ocimum basilicum 'Thai' =SEE NOTE BELOW

ns: the name is used for what is called 'Thai Purple'. There is medium-sized leaf green selection sold as 'Thai'
ns: also. There is also a clone of O. x citrioodrum called 'Thai' which is listed separately from the
ns: purple-leaved Thai strain. The so-called 'True Thai' name is really 'Siam Queen'.

Ocimum basilicum 'Thai Purple' ('Thai')

ht: 24 in.
st: purple to purplish-green
lc: green mottled and suffused purple, rather showy
ll: longer more narrower blade than species typical
flavor: anise
fc: lavender, showy
eval: 'Ebony Wonder' is selected from it and is purple with lime margins. This strain is very
eval: lovely for both the garden color and its presentation as a whole leaf in salads.

Ocimum basilicum 'Thyrsiflorum' (var. thyrsiflorum (L.) Benth.)

ha: compact
li: Tucker, A.O. and T. DeBaggio. 2000. The big book of herbs. Interweave Press.

Ocimum basilicum 'Tiny Leaf'

lc: purple
ll: very small blade
id: 'Minimum Purpuracens' is of similar traits and is probably the same.

Ocimum basilicum 'Tiny Leaf Purple' = 'Minimum Purpurascens'


Ocimum basilicum 'Valentino'

flavor: rich aroma
ll: larger than species typical

Ocimum basilicum 'Violaceum'

lc: purple
lw: full-sized

Ocimum basilicum 'Violetta Aromatica'

lc: reddish-purple and notably glossy
ll: 1 in.
ns: probably an invalid name which by the codes would need to published before 1959 to make
ns: lawful use of the Latin.

Ocimum x citriodorum 'Columnar Greek

ht: 36-48 in. - very tall
ha: very upright

Ocimum x citriodorum 'Lemon'

ht: 30 in.
lc: light green
fc: white
flavor: light lemony scent

Ocimum x citriodorum 'Pesto Perpetuo' (5/5)

ht: 48 in.
lc: thin creamy-white margin to 10% on a light green base color
ls: narrowly elliptic
fq: non-flowering
or: sport of 'Columnar Greek' and similar except for variegations
lu: a very edible ornamental - pesto for the eyes.

Ocimum 'East Indian' = O. gratissimum and perhaps a strain of it


Ocimum gratissimum 'East Indian'

ht: 48 in.
ha: upright, usually more woody than O. basilicum over the season
flavor: spice and cinnamon
fc: white tinged lavender, showy
inflor: 7 in. clusters
lu: gives a very exotic look to any herb garden.

Ocimum 'Holly's Painted'

ht: 24 in.
lc: green brushed violet, varying with the amount of sunlight
flavor: anise with spice
fc: violet, matching the leaf pigment
lu: DeBaggio Herbs recommends it for coloring up salads and even floral bouquets
or: DeBaggio Herbs (online catalog 2001) and said to be a hybrid. They introduced it in 1993
or: in honor of herbalist Holly Schimizu.

Ocimum 'Holy' = O. sanctum


Ocimum 'Italian Dwarf' (O. basilicum x O. americanum)

ns: a listed hybrid

Ocimum 'Joan's Wild African'

ht: 36-60 in.
fc: white
inflor: 4 in. stems include up to 12 clustered headfs
flavor: strong sweet taste
or: DeBaggio Herbs (online catalog 2001) from Jon Lane who obtained it in African where it
or: had medicinal use. Species affinity is yet unreported.

Ocimum x kilimandscharicum 'African Blue'

ht: 36-48 in. but old plants reach 60" where this is winter hardy and gets shrubby
ha: erect, more likely to be woody and shrubby than O. basilicum. Has the reputation for
ha: continuous strong growth throughout the year.
st: purple, very showy
lc: purplish-green, sometimes with a blue hue. May be green with red veins in some conditions.
flavor: nice camphor type scent
infl: 12-15 in. long, large and showy
fq: while showy, flowering is continuous during the year, requiring it to be pinched regulalry
fq: if leaf production is to be maximized. It might be best to grow several, allowing some to
fq: be pinched for leaf production, leaving others to develop their floral splendor.
prop: said to be mostly sterile, thus not introducing unwanted seedlings.
Sunny Boy Gardens
so: Petes Herbs

Ocimum 'Red and Green' = O. sanctum cultivar or O. tenuiflorum


Ocimum 'Peruvian' = O. micranthemum


Ocimum 'Purple Holy' probably= O. sanctum cultivar


Ocimum 'West African' = O. gratissimum