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Philodendron 'Anderson's Red' (P. tuxla x ?)

ha: thick stems, slow vining
lc: red becoming reddish-green
ls: spade-shaped
eval: one of the first red-leaf hybrids


ns: a listed name for a new tc clone.

Philodendron 'Autumn'

ha: dense vine, usually whorled with age
lc: yellow new growth growth becoming orange and then green. Vigorous plants may show many colors. One
lc: can find a whole range of interest yellow, copper, orange, bronze, and red shades in some plants. The
lc: cultivar suggests the idea of a range of autumn leaf colors in deciduous trees.
pet: red, showy
ls: narrowly cordiform
lt: thick, succulent
Glasshouse Works

Philodendron bipennifolium 'Glaucous' ('Glaucous Form', 'Blue Form')

lc: more richly glaucous (waxy) blue-gray
ns: there is some thought this may just be a juvenile form but it maintains well in the trade.

Philodendron 'Bloody Mary'

lc: dark red at maturity
Glasshouse Works

Philodendron 'Burgundy'

ha: compact, slowly climbing
st: very red
lc: dark green tinged red, new growth much redder
ll: 30cm
ls: sagittate (arrowhead-shaped)
lt: very thick, durable blade
or: complex hybrid with P. domesticum, erubescens, wnedlandii, and imbe.

Philodendron 'Burle Marx's Fantasy'

ha: slowish vine
lc: light olive-green ornately veined darker green, margins translucent. Gray-green tinged purple below
ls: ovate-oblong
lb: cordate
pet: notably winged
in: Bob Wilson FL USA

Philodendron 'Burle Marx' ('Burle Marx Hybrid')

ha: dense
lc: glossy light lime green
ls: broadly elliptic
or: it may have P. fritz-wendii or P. grazielae in it.

Philodendron 'Calkin's Gold' (P. domesticum x ?)

ha: compact
lc: gold tinged, striped green

Philodendron 'Congo'

ha: non-vining
lc: dark green with secondary veins ribbed, providing texture
ls: broadly ovate
lb: cordate
lt: very thick blades
pat: US #11724
or: Oglesby International FL USA
photo, wholesale source:

Philodendron domesticum 'Variegatum'

lc: mottled in cream

Philodendron EMERALD DUKE

ha: vining, large, vigorous
lc: medium green with lighter midrb
ls: spade-shaped
photo, wholesale source:

Philodendron 'Emerald Prince'

ha: self-heading
lc: glossy dark green, red at the base, thickish midrib
pat: US #6489

Philodendron 'Emerald Queen' (P. domesticum x P. erubescens?)

ha: compact due to short internodes and short petioles.
lc: rich dark green
lb: hastate
dr: fungus and rot resistant in production
or: one of the first popular hybirds

Philodendron erubescens 'Aurea' = P. 'Golden Erubescens'


Philodendron erubescens 'Black Cardinal'

ha: self-heading
ll: 8.0-10.0 in.
lc: bright red becoming dark, blackish-red, secondary veins distinctly ribbed
pat: US #5355
or: Bamboo Nursery

Philodendron erubescens 'Burgundy'

lc: darker red colors

Philodendron erubescens 'Golden' = P. 'Golden Erubescens'


Philodendron 'Florida' (P. lacinatum x P. pedatum or squamniferum )(P. squamiferum 'Florida Beauty')

ha: slow climbing, best with some support
lc: glossy green
ls: deeply 4-5-lobed, overall shield-shaped, upper lobed obtuse, middle ones bluntly acute, and usually one
ls: or two small basal lobes.
pet: rough, warty, thick

Philodendron 'Florida Beauty Striped' ('Florida Beauty Alba' invalid)

lc: yellow-green veined ivory becoming green striped.
ls: as 'Florida Beauty'

Philodendron 'Florida Beauty Variegated' ('Florida Beauty Variegatum' invalid)

lc: mottled yellow and cream
ls: as 'Florida Beauty'
id: it is very distinct from 'Florida Beauty Striped'

Philodendron 'Florida Beauty White' ('White Squamniferum')

lc: frosted white when young
ls: much like 'Florida Beauty'

Philodendron 'Florida Compact' ('Florida Compacta')(P. quercifolium x P. squamniferum)

ha: compact, internodes short, non-vining
lc: dark glossy green
ls: deeply lobed
pet: round in cross section, red to purple tinged
or: an old hybrid from Florida of course. It is not certain if the Latin version was published before 1959 or not
or: thought Graf uses it regularly.

Philodendron 'Golden Erubescens'

lc: golden yellow, especially at first
ls: similar to R. erubescens
eval: for many years the favorite gold-leaved cultivar. Now there are many more choices.
ns: it is no longer considered a true P. erubescens and so this name has been used in the trade for years

Philodendron 'Lemonade'

ha: small vine, smaller than 'Hansoti's Gold'
lc: bright lemon yellow with showy red petioles.

Philodendron 'Hansoti's Gold'

ha: more vigorous than 'Golden Erubescens'
lc: golden yellow, especially in young leaves
ls: erubescens shape
or: India

Philodendron 'Imperial Green'

lc: dark green
pat: US# 6086

Philodendron 'Imperial Red'click image to enlarge
Photo taken a the conservatory at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, Richmond, VA. June 2003.

lc: reddish-green to red
pat: US #6337

Philodendron 'Lynette' (P. wendlandii x P. elaphoglossoides)

ha: vase-shaped, self-heading
lc: bright green with notably sunken veins giving a wonderful texture. The common name "quilted birdsnest" is
lc: a very description indication of the form and texture.
ll: to 12 in.
lu: popular houseplant for its good neat form and rich textured leaf.

Philodendron 'Moonlight'

ha: thick stems, short internodes, compact
lc: light yellow becoming greener, veins lighter in color
ls: broadly boat-shaped, ovate-elliptic
or: St. Rose Nursery

Philodendron 'New Yorker'

ha: slow vine, comapct
lc: glossy green tinged red, orange-red in new growth, veins always lighter
ls: sagittate
pet: red raised markings
or: shows the influence of P. youngii according to Graf

Philodendron panduriforme 'Splash Gordon'

lc: mottled cream
ls: fiddlehead-shaped as the species
or: Dave Gordon

Philodendron 'Pin Cushion'

ht: 3-4 in. when young
ha: very dwarf, a true cushion among a genus of giants and huge vines
lc: dark red becoming greener
or: Bob McCaulley as hybrid

Philodendron pinnatifidum 'Fernleaf'

ha: self-heading
ls: more deeply lobed, blade is ribbed

Philodendron pinnatifidum 'Red Rim'

lc: glossy green with red margins

Philodendron 'Pink Princess'

lc: sectored, mottled and finely flecked pink, ivory, and gray-green. Based color is a good dark green.
or: Australia

Philodendron 'Prince Albert'

lc: dark glossy red
ls: narrowly ovate with a sharp apex
pat: US #6246

Philodendron 'Prince of Orange'click image to enlarge
Photo taken at the new and magnificent conservatory at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, Richmond, VA. June 2003.
This is one of the finest and most interesting hybrids for pure variety and quality of colors.

ha: whorled foliage, self-heading, vase-shaped with age
lc: glossy orange new growth becoming orange-buff with a red midrib, finally more green
eval: a real breakthrough in colors for the genus, a stunning plant when much new growth is present.
pat: US #6747
or: Bamboo Nursery

Philodendron 'Rojo Congo'

ha: non-vining, faster than 'Congo'
lc: dark red with paler midrib
ls: broadly ovate
lb: cordate
lt: very thick blades
pat: PPAF
or: Oglesby International FL USA as a red version of popular 'Congo'
photo, wholesale source:

Philodendron 'Royal Queen' (P. domesticum x P. erubescens?)

lc: rich dark red, greener with maturity

Philodendron selloum HOPE

ha: self-heading, better basal branching, quicker in production than seedlings
lc: dark glossy green
ls: deeply lobed or cut
dr: bacterial disease resistant from tc
photo, wholesale source:

Philodendron selloum 'Lundii'

ha: more compact than species typical

Philodendron scandens f. micans

lc: velvet bronze to bronze-green, reddish in new growth

Philodendron scandens f. micans 'Miduhoi'

ll: larger blade than forma typical
lc: copper to red velvet much like f. micans

Philodendron scandens f. micans 'Silver Sheen'

lc: rich silvery-gray color

Philodendron scandens f. scandens 'Aureum'

lc: yellow new growth in sun, generally yellow-green in most interior settings. It is more chartreuse than yellow.
lu: the best contrast is with the greener species and most especially the dark velvety f. micans.

Philodendron scandens f. scandens 'Variegatum' (P. oxycardium 'Variegatum' in part)

lc: mottled and splashed white
eval: a nice plant but it has never been as popular as Epipremum or pothos cultivars which are more vigorous
eval: durable.

Philodendron 'Strawberry Shake'

lc: variegated pink shades

Philodendron 'Tahiti Green'

photo, wholesale source: Twyford

Philodendron 'Xanadu' ('Xanadue')

ha: dense, mounded
lc: medium green
ls: oak-like, slightly lobed, cut 1/3 to 1/2 deep, shallower than P. selloum
photo, wholesale source: