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Conifer Collection, Dawes Arboretum, Heath OH. Summer 2003. A particularly spreading example of the species. Some seedlings are as wide as tall. This is one species which only gets much better and picturesque with age. If you have a conifer collection plant one tomorrow - because they need many decades to be their best.

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var. densata = Pinus x densata (P. tabulaeformis x P. yunnanensis) - recent DNA studies confirm the hybrid parentage here.

var. henryi - cones more distinctly ovoid-globose, 2.5-5.0cm long (easily 4.0-9.0 in typical var.), first year stems more glaucous or pruinose, needles 7-12cm x 1mm (6-15cxm x 1.2-1.5mm in typical var.)

var. mukdensis - bark more fissured, colored gray (more reddish-brown to greyish-brown in typical var.)

'Rowe' - a listed name with Stanley and Sons Nursery (online catalog 2003). Probably from the famed Arboretum of this name - one that has yielded many fine, worthy clones in several coniferous genera.

var. umbraculifera - habit more umbrella-shaped. It has been thought it was confused with P. densiflora f. umbraculifera but others insist one variant belongs to this species. It a probably just a wider selection of any already tabletop-like species.Very old trees in Chinese gardens certainly fit this general description. If a distinct clone or two immerges they would deserve a cultivar name.