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'Dry White' - click image
Riverbanks Botanical Garden, Columbia SC USA. June 2004. A very pretty even if subtle plant for dry spots. There are numerous variants in shades of pink found in the wild.

Rhexia mariana 'Dry White'
ha: loosely prostrate to spreading, easilyy made dense with pruning
fc: pink buds open to white corolla with yellow stamens
lu: this southeastern US native has long been considered for ornamental use and
lu: botanists who know and grow it often keep a plant or two around. It is not (yet)
lu: floriferous by horticultural standards. However it's drought resistance under the
lu: harshest sun and dry soil is remarkable. At Riverbanks it was planted on xeroscape
lu: island amid Yucca, Agave, and Opuntia, quite happy for the subdesert conditions.


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